Shirley Arica announces lawsuit against Melissa Gate: The story of their confrontation

GOT HAD. Shirley arica He informed that he will initiate legal actions against Melissa Gate, both were together in the Ecuadorian reality show The Power of Love. Although the program ended in December of last year, the confrontation between the two continues.

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However, the ‘Reality Girl’ already wants to put an end to this whole situation so she announced that she will sue Melissa Puerta, the model’s real name, for defamation.

Since I have reached my limit and I am not going to allow him to continue to defame me in such a light way that he does. It is unfortunate to reach this point, but this time it is necessary, “said the Peruvian on her Twitter account.

What happened between Shirley Arica and Melissa Gate?

Although both had a conflictive relationship during the reality show The Power of Love. Even during the show’s final gala, Gate hit Shirley on the head, surprising everyone present.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back for Arica was when Melissa Cat directly accused her during a link, with a morning program, of being responsible for the closure of their accounts.

You know of the harassment that I am suffering in my social networks by my arch-enemy and his fandom, of envious and involved people who all they do is report me, they have downloaded my Instagram account (…) They are always on top with their bad comments and that influences, “he said.

When asked if Shirley is responsible for closing her account, the model replied: “You know who it is, you said so. That comes from there because ever since I hit him on the head they knocked my account down, that was very strange. She was the one who gave the order “, he assured.

After a few days, Arica responded by the sayings of Gate and emphasized that she has nothing to do with the attack that the Ecuadorian woman would have suffered on social networks.

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“It doesn’t surprise me that he talks about me. From the day one talks about me, and not good things. I cannot be held responsible for what the fans do. I do not give an order and people do what I say (…) I don’t want to have problems with her, I’m not interested in having her even as an enemy, just let me go “pointed out the ‘Reality Girl’.

After that program, Melissa Gate attacked the Peruvian on social networks. “He fills his mouth saying that he plays fair and orders to do his dirty work (…) Obviously they are not going to call me from Ecuavisa, I have not gone to jail, nor do I have a criminal record,” he said.



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