Shocking case of 4-year-old boy in Utah who shot at police at McDonald’s drive-thru

The minor, along with his 3-year-old brother, remains in the care of the authorities.

Photo: TIM SLOAN/Getty Images

The inhabitants of Salt Lake City experienced an unprecedented event, after A dispute over a food order at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Utah resulted in a 4-year-old boy being shot by police.

It all came about when police were initially called to a McDonald’s in Midvale on Monday when restaurant workers reported a man threatened drive-thru employees with a gun after receiving the wrong order.

According to a news release from the Greater Salt Lake Unified Police Department (UPD), employees told police they asked the man to stop in front of the restaurant and wait for the correct order, then called police.

Once on the spot, The officers asked the man several times to get out of the vehicle, but he did not comply, so he was subdued. However, during the struggle, he told his son to activate the weapon, so the 4-year-old boy shot the agents

Fortunately, a police officer managed to hit the gun just before it detonated, forcing the bullet to hit the restaurant’s awning, Fox 13 reported, sparing no injuries.

A) Yes, Sadaat Shamille Johnson, 27, was detained while authorities took custody of the minor, as well as his 3-year-old brother.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 27 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Sgt. Melody Cutler said. “For a 4-year-old to know how to use a firearm and point it at an officer and pull the trigger is incredibly disturbing,” the police spokeswoman described.

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