Shooter commits suicide after killing two and wounding four in Haltom City

A armed man killed two people and wounded four, including three policemenprior to commit suicide this Saturday night in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to police.

All the wounded in shootingregistered in a residential area, had injuries that were not life-threatening and were expected to recover, the police detective of Haltom City, Matt Spillane.

The officers returned fire after being shot while responding to a call for shots fired at a home around 6:45 pm. One agent was hit in both legs and another two in the arm. The suspect appeared to have shot himself.

The Texas Rangers, the elite division of the state police, would take over the investigation, he said. At first, the reason for the shooting.

“The main thing is how and why this happened,” Spillane told The Associated Press.

A woman was found dead inside a home and a man was found dead outside the building, Sgt. Rick Alexander told WFAA-TV at a news conference Saturday night. The older woman who had called 911 was injured, he said.

The suspect was found with a “military-style rifle” and a handgun, Alexander said.

What to do in a shooting?

First you must identify if the place where the events occur is open or closed. During a firefight you should stay away from stairs and windows.

The first thing you should take into account, in these cases, is to identify if the place where the events occur is open or closed in order to locate the Evacuation routes. It is also advisable to find a place to shelter from shots or stray bullets, since these are the ones that cause the most damage and consequences. Therefore, you should stay away from stairs and windows.

Secondly, we must locate the emergency exits and use our cell phones to stay on top of what’s going on outside the scene of the attack, especially in case we get caught.

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How to handle your anguish after a shooting?

During a firefight you should stay away from stairs and windows.

talk about what happened: Ask for help from people who care about you and are willing to listen to your concerns. Receiving support and attention can comfort and calm you down. Sometimes talking to other people who have been through the same experience helps you not feel so different or alone.

look for balance: When a tragedy occurs, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and have a negative or pessimistic attitude. Try to counteract this attitude by remembering those significant, comforting and above all encouraging people and events. The search for balance allows and enables you to have a healthier view of yourself and the world around you.

Unplug and take a break: You may want to stay informed, but try to limit the amount of news you see whether on the Internet, newspapers, magazines or television. While staying on top of the news keeps you informed, overexposure to too much information can add to your stress. The images can be very strong and rekindle that feeling of anguish.

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