Shooting and persecution in Playa del Carmen, apparently there is a detainee

A strong police mobilization, persecution and shooting, was registered during the morning of this day in the municipality of Solidaridad, city Carmen beach, when subjects, allegedly armed, fired at officers of the Quintana Roo Police, this after trying to flee in a car, according to, after causing an accident.

According to the first unofficial reports, the events began on Playa del Carmen Boulevard, when officers of the Municipal Transit Directorate They asked the crew of the gray Logan-type Renault vehicle to stop after colliding with a car, but the attackers decided to accelerate.

At that moment, one of the men took out his firearm and began to shoot at the officers, which is why they called for reinforcements, in addition, they activated the red code, which caused a chase, which lasted a few minutes and ended in the parking lot of the shopping plaza “Centro Maya” and the culprits when being cornered, stopped the march of the car.

It is still not clear what caused everything

Shooting and persecution in Playa del Carmen, apparently there is a detainee

It was said that one of the gunmen was arrested and taken to the facilities of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic for the corresponding procedures, while the second subject, who was in the car, managed to escape, for which they implemented a search operation. and location. Later came the Navy and the Sedena.

It is worth mentioning that so far no authority has given any statement, and that there are many versions about this. chase and shooting in Playa del CarmenWell, one of them is that the alleged criminals did not respect the signs and were speeding, that is why the agents asked him to stop, but they did not pay attention.

It will be the corresponding police corporation who determines how the events were and the reason why the apparent hitmen opened fire on the uniformed, fortunately, it was also commented that no injuries or human losses were reported.

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