Shooting at hospital in Oklahoma, USA, leaves at least 5 dead

United States.- This Wednesday there was a shooting inside the facilities of a hospital in the state of Oklahoma, United Stateswhich left as a red balance at least 5 people deadamong which is the perpetrator of the attack.

Through social networks, the Tusla Police announced that this day an armed attack took place in the Tusla St. Francis Hospitalin Oklahoma, which resulted in the loss of life of at least 5 people, while several more were injured by gunshot wounds.

In front of the media, the deputy director of the Tusla Police, Jonathan Brooks, reported that, along with 4 civilians who were in the hospital, the shooter was also killed.

“We have four civilians who are dead and we have a shooter who is dead,” Brooks said.

Regarding the identity of the aggressor who killed 4 people this Wednesday, the officer explained that it is not yet known, but that it is a black male between 35 and 40 years of age that he would have arrived at the Oklahoma hospital around 4 in the afternoon with 40 minutes.

“Officers are currently reviewing every room in the building for additional threats,” the security agency said.

The police elements proceeded to evict the building and the victims. At first, the situation was classified as “catastrophic”, due to the fact that the St. Francis Hospital has hundreds of rooms distributed over several floors.

According to the chain CNNat this time the White House is closely monitoring the situation at the Oklahoma hospital, as it has established communication with state and local authorities to offer their support.

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It is worth mentioning that the shooting at the St.Francis Hospital in Tusla took place just one week after the massacre in the Robb Elementary School in Texaswhere an 18-year-old man locked himself in with a group of fourth graders and a couple of female teachers, all of whom he proceeded to shoot, leaving a total of 21 dead.

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