Shooting: Farruko feels guilty and prays for the singer Ankhal who is seriously injured by a bullet


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Throught social media Farruko He has expressed concern about the shooting in which his 21-year-old disciple Ankhal was involved and wounded. “My son, because I have always seen you as my son with love and respect, I have not stopped praying for you since I found out what happened to you,” Farruko said.

The message of the now Christian singer continues and reads like this: “I thank God you’re still alive. I want you to know that I love you, I have always tried to advise you because I have always wanted the best for you. This situation hurts my soul. If you are still here on this earth it is because God has a very special treatment with you and sometimes he takes us to the desert so that we stop, reflect and value many things that we do not see.

I even feel guilty because I opened the doors to fame for you and although I did it with good intentions, not everyone knows how to handle this. I believe that God has a great purpose with me and with many of those who are or have passed through @carbonfibermusicinc. Love you. God bless you and take care of you always. I hope that you get the most out of this test that destiny gave you. You were reborn. Your testimony is great, even if you don’t know it, hopefully you can understand that God is in control”, he concludes.

Farruko’s words and prayers were answered by Rafael Amaya, the protagonist of The Lord of the Skies, who also knows how it feels when the world of fame absorbs you and takes you down paths as unimaginable as they are dark and dangerous. “Amen”, answered the actor to the prayer of the urban singer.

about the shooting

The EFE agency reported on the shooting and they report that it happened on Tuesday night on Las Flores Avenue, in the Florencio neighborhood of Fajardo, northeast of the Caribbean island, Puerto Rico. The agents, according to EFE, appeared at the scene after being alerted about people with gunshot wounds through a call to the 9-1-1 Emergency System.

Ankhal consolidated his mark in the Latin music industry with “Anti Judas”, an album that went on to accumulate more than 29 million views combined and in which the most successful song was “Si Pepe”.

After drawing Farruko’s attention, he signed with Carbon Fiber Music in 2019 and released one of his biggest hits to date, the song “Perreo Intenso”, certified Platinum. This event comes after last December the Puerto Rican artist known as Cano El Bárbaro, 37, was shot to death in the east of the island.

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