Should you stay in touch with your work while on vacation?

The favorite season of the year for many employees has arrived. With summer in full swing several workers usually take a few days of vacation to enjoy in the company of their familieseither at home or visiting a tourist destination.

Regardless of who goes or does not go on vacation the question is the same: should they keep in touch with their boss or work team on those days?

Some experts told Fox Business that keeping your balance can help. On the one hand, contributions, to a lesser extent, can be valuable and help keep the project flowing during your absence.

Secondly, Prioritizing time off from vacation to relax and unwind helps you come back stronger and more productive.

The vice president of the recruitment and technology services company Betts West, Lauren Stempel recommended do some minimal tasks like checking your inbox periodically while you’re away.

“This gives you the opportunity to clean up or archive any unnecessary messages as you come back.” she suggested “mark important conversations to follow up once you’re back in the office.”

Stempel said that too it is beneficial to check with the office or immediate team and let them know that you are available if something urgent comes up.”

Once these activities are done, it is advisable to disconnect and focus on relaxation and rest.

How you stay connected to work will largely depend on your position and the size of your company. If you are in a large company, it is likely that there will be someone to cover your tasks, but if the company is small, things will probably change.

Delegating is also an important part. Learning to trust the work team helps to let go of certain concerns while someone previously trained performs the tasks. This helps other people in the team to carry out other responsibilities and tasks.

In the end, the more hours one works without recharging energy, the more the levels of productivity, creativity and skills deteriorate to solve problems, said productivity expert Helene Segura.

For some people, this vacation will be different from the others. The increase in prices due to inflation could lead to avoiding certain expenses or postponing trips, but for others there will be no change. According to one study, more than a quarter of Americans do not take a vacation.

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