Dragon Ball Z icon, Shozo Iizuka, dies of acute heart failure at 89

Dragon Ball Z fans pay tribute to Shozo Iizuka, the voice actor behind Nappa. Remember his impact on the world of anime and voice acting.
  • Shozo Iizuka, the voice actor behind Nappa in Dragon Ball Z, passed away at 89 due to acute heart failure.
  • Iizuka had a long and successful career in voice acting, including other anime and video games, and was considered a legend in the industry.
  • The news of Iizuka’s death has caused consternation in the entertainment world and among fans of Dragon Ball Z, who remember him as a great artist and tribute to his unique interpretation of Nappa’s voice.

Shozo Iizuka, who voiced Nappa in Dragon Ball Z, died. He was 89 years old and died of acute heart failure. As reported on Tuesday, it was on February 15 that he died; Sigma 7 said that his funeral was held privately at the request of his family, who wanted total privacy in such difficult times, according to the news portal Alerta Geek.

The news that came days after his death caused consternation in the entertainment world, as the cartoon is one of the most famous in the world and earned the recognition and respect of both his co-workers and the public, who considered him a great artist for the unique way of interpreting the voice of this character.

He would have been 89 in May

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His death was reported just a few months before his 90th birthday, as he was born on May 23, so his departure has left a big void in the hearts of his family and fans of this anime that has been a benchmark for years, natural causes confirmed his death, so in social networks have been published photos in tribute to him.

His way of interpreting the characters gave him great recognition worldwide, being one of the greats of the voice, which shook the feelings of those who once heard him. There will never be someone like him. Still, his legacy will be impregnated in the history of anime from Japan that was seen worldwide. It was reported on the news that Shozo Iizuka died.

Shozo Iizuka dies: what do we know about his career?

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The actor began his artistic career in the year 1979 in acting. At that time, he played Zenda-gorilla in Zendarman. He also played Ryu Jose in Mobile Suit Gundam, N°8 in Dragon Ball, Yoshio Marui in Mister Ajikko, Happosai Hieta in Nintama Rantaro, Dogen Awakusu in Durarara!, Caramel Man in Dr. Slump, Inspector Lestrade in Sherlock Hound, Rui Jangal in Voltes V, among many others.

The artist also appeared in different Japanese TV shows. Among his work, he also dubbed American films and series, being the Japanese voice of Carl Fredricksen in Up: A High Adventure and Dr. Jumba Jookiba in Lilo & Stitch, which helped him catapult his career worldwide and become one of the public’s favorites.

Shozo Iizuka dies: he also worked in video games

Shozo Iizuka dies
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The artist’s incredible voice opened the way for him in the incursion of video games, as he gave voice to Doctor Neo Cortex in the Crash Bandicoot saga of titles, which allowed him to be recognized in various fields of entertainment, for which the fans were the most grateful, but also the most affected by his death, which was only made known this Tuesday.

It is unknown, so far, if there will be any recognition from the franchise or the family members themselves, so his fans hope that in the following days, this will be announced, something that many would expect, as social networks were flooded with publications in which they remembered his great career in the world of show business: “My favorite character,” “We lost one of the best voices,” “It will be a shame to no longer hear his voice,” “I love his voice, Why is life like this?”


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Just days ago, it became known that Walter Mirisch, the astute Oscar-winning film producer who oversaw such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” “West Side Story” and “In the Heat of the Night,” died of natural causes, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said. He was 101. Mirisch died Friday in Los Angeles, according to a statement from academy CEO Bill Kramer and president Janet Yang.

“Walter was a true visionary, both as a producer and as an industry leader,” they said, noting that he served as president and governor of the academy for many years. “His passion for filmmaking and the Academy never wavered, and he remained a good friend and advisor. We send our love and support to his family during this difficult time.”