Siamese tortoise born; it has two heads, 6 legs and two tails, it would live 150 years

In Putten in the Netherlandsone was born two-headed siamese tortoisewhich marked a milestone for being the first to have two heads, two tails and six legs, and despite all this, is in good health, with high life expectancies, according to local media.

The animal was called sorte, and although it is unique by nature, it hatched with these characteristics that astonished citizens and even experts, since it is an unusual event that quickly became relevant in social networks.

In 2020, a group of experts found a turtle with a crocodile tail that also had an eagle’s beak; all of China shuddered as some people thought it was a bad omen.

Siamese tortoise could live 150 years

The animal is kept in good health conditions There are different types of turtles in the world

The Siamese tortoise found in the city of the Netherlands was subjected to different studies and specifically a computed tomography, it was concluded that Sorte could live up to 150 years, thanks to the fact that it has a single heart and gastrointestinal tract.

“If the animal had been made up of two vital systems, the risk of disease and death would have been doubled.”

The most surprising thing is that due to its extra limbs, it has not yet been possible to know if it is male or female, since it also has two cervical spines and two tracheas. The experts pointed out that the most important thing is that the turtle is well cared for so that its quality of life allows it to multiply its years.

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Where do turtles live and what do they eat?

There are different types of turtles in the world

There are different types of turtles, land, freshwater and sea; the former are herbivorous and the aquatic omnivorous; they eat coral, octopus, algae. They have extensive life cycles no matter what species they are.

The Siamese tortoise found in the Netherlands has defied science, for this reason it would be subjected to different tests, more than those that have already been carried out, to finally determine how likely it is that more of the same will be born, information revealed in AmericanPost.News.

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