Siblings Ángel and Rosa Calderón become tragic victims in Caguas, Puerto Rico courthouse shooting tied to land dispute

Shocking violence erupts at Caguas Judicial Center as a man avenges his wife's legal entanglement by shooting two witnesses.

A shocking incident unfolded at the Caguas Judicial Center’s Investigation Room in Puerto Rico this afternoon, as a man, reportedly aggrieved over his wife’s legal entanglement, fatally shot two witnesses in a case against her.

The victims, identified by family members in front of the media, are siblings Ángel Calderón, 43, and Rosa Calderón, 34. The events were captured by Telenoticias, showing reporters and photojournalists from various television outlets being forced to the ground after hearing the gunshots. The shooting took place around 4:30 p.m.

The Motive Behind the Crime

According to early reports under investigation, the suspect was distraught because his wife was implicated for allegedly violating a restraining order stemming from a long-standing land dispute with neighbors. The man is a resident of the Guasábara sector, and the legal battle with his neighbors has reportedly been dragging on for years. Several friends and family members of the deceased began arriving at the scene, suggesting that the shooting may have been motivated by the aforementioned property dispute.

Immediate Aftermath of the Shooting

The shooter was swiftly subdued by marshals and officers near the entrance of the Investigation Room. During this confrontation, a security guard was shot and fell near the entrance, while the other victim collapsed in a nearby green area.

Reporter Glorinel Soto Rodríguez, who witnessed the incident, recounted, “The man who was arrested pulled out a weapon from a bag and began firing at two individuals. As everything unfolded, we all hit the ground, press included. The police began pulling people inside. From what I could see or hear when I was inside, the man was arrested immediately.”

The shooter, dressed in a white shirt, was taken into custody. It remains a mystery how he managed to bring a weapon into the courthouse.

Police Response

Police Commissioner Antonio “Tony” López Figueroa, when questioned by anchor reporter Zugey Lamela, simply stated, “The killer went directly to the victims and fired multiple shots.” He assured the public that the situation was under control and the gunman was in custody. The incident occurred right in front of the Investigation Room’s entrance. In response, about ten officers from the Puerto Rico Police Department arrived on the scene to commence the investigation.

The prosecutor, Darío Vissepó from the Caguas prosecutor’s office — located in the same courthouse — is now in charge of the scene and the subsequent investigation.