Sicarios hold with threats an element of Sedena in Chiapas (PHOTOS)

Chenalho.- This morning Tuesdaygroup members of armed civilians hold with threats to militaryduring a confrontation in the region of Santa Martha, Chiapas with elements of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA).

The unfortunate event took place when the military realized that there were armed individuals who prohibited the passage with their vehicles.

So the soldiers sought to carry out a ambush on a road relatively close to Santander Martha, to captivate the aggressors, however, the assassins, realizing it, reacted immediately.

Immediately upon seeing the brawl, they began to comment on social networks, including the user of Twitter “Daniel Solorzano Sol”, uploaded Photographs of the moment along with the description, “Armed civilians clash in the region of Santa Martha #Chenalho with elements of the Mexican army at the beginning of the patriotic celebrations.”

So far, the place where the civilians took the soldier held with force is unknown, what is known is that one of the members of the armed hitmen was designated as belonging to the group “The Machete”.

The military sources declared that the act was carried out because the group of criminals wanted to free Mauricio Hernández, for which they deprived the soldier of his freedom as a hostage.

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The territory where the soldier was ambushed was in a territory of 60 hectares which the Tzotzils of Chenalho and Aldama wanted to take over.