Sign to reveal secrets of the 9-11 attack

  • US President Signs Decree Declassifying September 11 Documents
  • This decree marks a significant moment in the years-long struggle between the government and families.
  • “The first test will be on September 11 and the world will be watching”

Joe Biden decree attack. The president of the United States, Joe Biden signed a decree on Friday afternoon which orders to reveal the secrets of several documents related to the attack of September 11, 2001. This in order to provide better support to the families of the victims who have asked to see these documents, according to AP.


Just a few days after another anniversary of this terrorist attack that occurred in New York City in 2001, this decree was issued which marks a significant moment between the government and the families of the victims where it is. information will be disclosed.

Joe Biden signs decree to reveal 9-11 secrets

Joe Biden attempted decree

This was the result of the fact that the previous month around 1,800 relatives of the victims, survivors and first responders of that tragic day opposed the participation of the country’s president in the commemorative events if the documents remained undisclosed.

President Biden said Friday that he was fulfilling a campaign commitment by ordering the declassification review and promised that his administration “will continue to respectfully engage with members of this community.”

Joe Biden decree attack: Will be revealed when needed

Joe Biden decree attack: Will be revealed when necessary

The executive order signed by the Democratic president says that: “The significant events occurred two decades or more ago and are related to a tragic event that continues to resonate in the history of the United States and in the lives of many Americans.”

It also mentions that these documents will only be disclosed when necessary: ​​”It is therefore critical to ensure that the United States government maximizes transparency, resorting to confidentiality only when necessary and narrowly defined.” The order instructs the Justice Department and other executive branch agencies to begin a declassification review and requires declassified documents to be released within the next six months.

Joe Biden decree attack: “The first test will be on September 11 and the world will be watching”

Joe Biden decree the attack: “The first test will be on September 11 and the world will be watching"

Brett Eagleson, whose father was among the victims of the 9-11 attack and who is an advocate for the families of other victims, praised the action as a “critical first step.” He said the families would be closely watching the process to make sure the Justice Department complies and acts “in good faith.”

“The first test will be on September 11 and the world will be watching. We look forward to thanking President Biden in person next week when he joins us at Ground Zero to honor those who were killed or injured 20 years ago, “said the family member of a victim of the bombing.

Joe Biden decree attack: Ground Zero

Joe Biden decree bombing: Ground Zero

In the place of the attack where the famous Twin Towers of New York used to be, a tribute was made to the victims who lost their lives when a terrorist attack caused these buildings to collapse, causing the death of thousands of people who were in the place This tribute was called Ground Zero.

Still, the impact of the executive order and any new documents it may release was unclear at this time. Previous investigations have delineated links between Saudi nationals and some of the hijackers, but have not established that the Saudi government was directly involved.

Joe Biden decree attack: Possible link to the Saudi government

Joe Biden decree attack: Possible link with the Saudi government

There was even a lawsuit some time ago in federal court in New York, where it says Saudi officials gave significant backing to some of the hijackers before the attacks and seeks to hold the kingdom accountable. Faced with this situation, the Saudi government has denied any link to the attacks.

It is worth mentioning that 15 of the hijackers were Saudis, as was Osama bin Laden, whose al Qaeda network was behind the attacks. The scrutiny has focused on the support offered to the first two hijackers to arrive in the United States, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, including that of a Saudi national linked to the Saudi government who helped the men find and rent a car. apartment in San Diego and had already attracted the attention of the FBI.

Joe Biden decree attack: Biden approval dropped

  approval survey: Stability?
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A few days ago in new polls released by ABC News, it was shown that Biden’s approval fell dramatically, a situation that has worried his administration. According to the figures that have been published, they mention that only 44% of Americans approve of Biden’s work.

But, these figures are in accordance with the events that have marked the last months in the presidency of Biden. According to the media, citizens are not very happy about the new measures that the president has taken and his promises have been clouded by the extreme measures he has taken.

The President’s Figures

The President's Figures
Photo: Screenshot from ABC News

ABC News published figures of the approval of President Biden. This new poll came after the departure of US troops from Afghanistan, a disastrous event for the Democratic presidency and that citizens have resented in recent days and caused such a drop in published figures.

Joe Biden’s job approval rating has dropped underwater in recent polls amid wide disapproval of his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, including part of the blame on Biden for the conditions that led to the devastating attack on the Kabul airport last week. the document they published. Filed Under: Joe Biden Bomb Decree

Bad news

Bad news
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Apparently, there were 36% of Americans who disagreed with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, seeing it as a waste of time. While 77% if they were satisfied with the idea that the forces of the Middle East country were withdrawn; But one thing most Americans did agree on was that Biden’s way of proceeding was not correct.

Overall, sad news for the nearly 20-year, $ 2 trillion invested effort. SOnly 36 percent of Americans say the war was worth fighting. A large 77 percent support the US withdrawal; The sticking point is how Biden handled it: sixty percent disapprove of it. Filed Under: Joe Biden Bomb Decree

Democrat approval dropped 44%

Democrat approval dropped 44%
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In the figures that the media showed, it is mentioned that it has been the most surprising loss that a Democratic president has had in a long time. As mentioned, Biden was “hit” by the crisis that plagues the country, but not only that, his decisions have marked a disagreement in the American population.

“Su overall job approval rating on this survey. The figures mention that it was reduced to 44 percent, with 51 percent disapproval, 6 percent fewer approval points and up to 9 disapproval since the end of June. Filed Under: Joe Biden Bomb Decree

Was it because of Afghanistan?

Was it because of Afghanistan?
Photo: Screenshot from ABC News

The figures published by the media show that in recent months Biden has had a negative effect on the American population and worsened when he decided to withdraw the troops from the Middle East country in that way and because of the attacks that the army received in Kabul airport.

A substantial 44 percent think the pullout left the United States safe from terrorism, while only 8 percent think the country is safer with that outcome. Almost half, 46 percent, lack confidence that the United States can identify and prevent possible terrorists in the ranks of Afghan refugees. Filed Under: Joe Biden Bomb Decree

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