Silvia Navarro would have an affair with Diego Amozurrutia who is 12 years younger than her

One of the The favorite actresses of the Hispanic public is undoubtedly the Mexican, Silvia Navarro, and is that the Aztec since she made her debut in commercials won the hearts of viewers, who led her to be the protagonist of successful productions of Televisa and Aztec TV. Despite accumulating fame throughout her career, the Silvia’s personal life has become a mystery to her followers.

However, it seems that, in addition to her talent for the acting arts, Silvia has sparked a raft of praise for her latest romance. It was this September 28 when the magazine TVyNovelas shared photographs in which you can see the actress very well accompanied by her friends, but also Diego Amozurrutia, another renowned film and television actor.

According to a source close to the celebrities, the two were at a private event, starring The blue Angels. According to the interview conducted by the entertainment magazine, they were the guests of honor, just like the actress Grettell Valdez and the producer Ana Celia Urquidi. However, who All the attention was stolen during the night were Diego and Silvia.

Known for being an excellent seductress, Silvia Navarro she began to interact more closely with Diego, who is 12 years her junior. Since before the show started, she was very interested in him. Faced with the situation, the 31-year-old actor was surprised and confused, because, although his colleague was flirting with him, he was also going to live with his friends, so the intermittence caused certain doubts in him.

After the situation got a bit more explicit, Diego and Silvia began to hug and kiss, which caused the chemistry in the environment to be perceived by the rest of the guests. According to the testimony recovered by TVyNovelas, the stars were quite happy and, although at first they only kissed when the lights went out, later they did not mind being seen.

Once the event ended, Silvia and Diego decided to go together, so what happened the rest of the night is just anyone’s guess. According to the celebrity friend, there is great chemistry between the two, but a formal relationship is highly unlikely, as the age difference also implies different life plans. The meeting was described as just a “one night stand” … Although there is no doubt that it was unforgettable for both.