Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzmán reappear after recovering from Covid-19

Mexico.- The Pinal Dynasty went through very difficult times, after a few weeks ago the matriarch Silvia Pinal had to be hospitalized for suffering from Covid-19 and her daughter Alejandra Guzmán for testing positive for the virus some time later.

Now both reappear on social networks looking very healthy and happier than ever after recovering from the disease that continues to afflict everyone, unleashing all kinds of comments and receiving great support from his audience.

It was through Alejandra’s official Instagram profile where a photograph of mother and daughter was published looking phenomenal and very fashionable with a very positive attitude expressing gratitude for the support they gave them in one of the most difficult moments for their health. .

Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzmán reappear after recovering from Covid-19

It should be remembered that there was a strong concern for the first actress after it became known that she suffered from Covid-19 and had to be hospitalized for the disease, fortunately, after a few weeks she managed to recover and return to her usual activities.

Then it was her daughter who tested positive for the virus, this being close to her mother, fortunately, she managed to recover quickly and without complications. It is important to note that both celebrities are vaccinated with their two doses and that was of vital importance when contracting the disease.

Silvia Pinal is currently in very good health, since during an interview with the Ventaneando program she shared feeling very good and wanting to do everything. “I feel perfect, I feel very good, wanting to live, wanting to laugh, run and all that,” confessed the first actress.

For her part, Alejandra Guzmán was taking care of herself and recovering at home from Covid-19 and fortunately she managed to get ahead of the disease and without having any complications, which makes her very happy as well as her followers.

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