Silvia Pinal arrives at the program ‘Una Familia de Diez’

Silvia Pinal arrives at the program ‘Una Familia de Diez’

The leading actress, Mrs. Silvia Pinal He will teach again on television, but this time not in a drama as we had seen it recently, but in comedy, when he returns with the program “A family of ten” as the owner of the building where she lives “Plácido ”(Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) and their offspring, their participation will be in order to celebrate the hundredth program of this series that begins its sixth season on September 5.

“Silvia is a legend and is indisputably loved and admired by all of us, I have worked with her in film, TV and theater and I am happy that she agreed to return to the stage in this hundredth program as a godmother”said Ortíz de Pinedo, also director of the broadcast.

The comedian announced that, at the insistence of the public, in addition to the 30 chapters of this installment, there will also be two more specials for Christmas and New Years. In addition, they are ready to start the tour of the work, of the same name, in the United States in early 2022, after it was suspended due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Ortíz de Pinedo denied that the death of the character of “Plutarco” was due to problems with Ricargo Margaleff, ensuring that they maintain a good relationship on and off the sets, so he invited the public to see this season and discover what is really happened with this role. The truth is that, in the promotional poster, the actor does appear.

Even the same actor was present at the press conference to clarify that they are still in communication. “I came to wish you good luck. I am happy with the premiere of this season and I see that they are doing well and it was not a surprise, because in this program they brought together the best talent on Mexican television today ”.

This new installment will also feature other special guests, such as Sylvia Pasquel.

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