Silvia Pinal confesses how her meeting with Michelle Salas was

Silvia Pinal continues to take advantage of his free time after finishing his participation in the work Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your granny! after suffering some health complications and being strongly criticized for her return to the theater.

At an event held at her home, where she received the document that guarantees that Silvia Pinal Day will be celebrated on March 3 of each year in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, the first actress also revealed several details of her meeting with michelle halls.

After receiving the recognition where it is indicated that the actress will have the same distinction as figures such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Vicente Fernández, Juan Gabriel, the first actress Silvia Pinal joked with the press and said: “I feel like, well… Well, I sat down.”

Silvia Pinal showed her great sense of humor

Silvia Pinal confesses how her meeting with Michelle Salas was.

AmericanPost.News reports that, at 91, the actress Silvia Pinal showed her excellent sense of humor with reporters, and speaking in French added: “très (very) happy.”

Later, upon hearing the name of the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty recalled the date she had with the young woman and said: “Michelle… it was a fantastic meeting, she is a beautiful, pretty, nice girl, rich, she is rich”.

Is Michelle Salas Silvia Pinal’s favorite great-granddaughter?

Silvia Pinal confesses how her meeting with Michelle Salas was.

In short, a reporter asked him that on one occasion he said that his great-granddaughter is his darling, and affirming that he continues to think the same, he only replied: “Because I felt like it.”

Finally, the first actress Silvia Pinal avoided giving more details on the subject and continued to pronounce words in French in the face of other questions from the press and reporters.

The first actress and Michelle have maintained a very close relationship since she was born, even the matriarch was the mediator between Luis Miguel and Stephanie, since for Silvia it was important that the firstborn of both young people at that time lived with her father.

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