Silvia Pinal is free of COVID-19: “I no longer have anything and it cost me a good job”

The first actress had been infected with COVID-19 in December 2021 Photo: Instagram / @ chicofarandula

Silvia Pinal is officially COVID-19 free, this was confirmed by herself and her eldest daughter Sylvia Pasquel. On December 23, 2021, the first actress was infected in her residence located in Mexico City and had to be hospitalized for 6 days.

Of course I no longer have anything and a good job cost me! I feel perfect I feel very good, I feel like living, wanting to laugh, wanting to run and all that […] I’m eating like God (sent), I eat very well ”, explained Silvia Pinal during the interview she gave to the program Windowing.

The protagonist of melodramas like My Husband Has More Family, I am your master or Fire in the blood confessed to Pati chapoy how was your hospital stay:

“In the hospital, blessed be God, it happened soon because if it were long it would be terribly ill, no, it passes quickly, blessed be God. I have to thank God, thank the doctors and it ended very well … I have very beautiful buttocks, “he said.

Silvia Pinal made her debut on Mexican television in 1952 in the program
Silvia Pinal made her debut on Mexican television in 1952 in the program “Con Los Brazos Abiertas” File photo dated April 30, 2015, of Mexican actress Silvia Pinal during an interview with Efe, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez (Sáshenka Gutiérrez /)

Silvia Pinal also mentioned that after being officially discharged by her doctors, she could make a trip to Acapulco since she would like to spend time in Guerrero again.

“On this vacation, notice that I still don’t know even though I want to. In my last vacation I did I was in Acapulco and now I would like, I don’t know, but I think Acapulco ”, she mentioned, to which the most popular host of shows in Mexico asked her if that way she would spend time with her daughters and herself. He replied “Oh no, it’s very difficult.”

The last diva of the Mexican Cinema de Oro was also questioned about when she could see her daughters again, after being free of COVID-19: ”Brincos da, I really think not; but I am going to try, I don’t want to stay in the ‘lela’ either.

sylvia and silvia
Sylvia Pasquel confirmed that her mother had tested negative for COVID-19 in the first follow-up tests on January 4, 2022 (Photo: Instagram / @ sylviapasqueloficial)

Also actress Sylvia Pasquel clarified rumors that had started in a magazine with national circulation about the actress’s state of health; for the diary The universal the grandmother of Michelle Salas confirmed that indeed On January 4, 2022, in the first follow-up tests, Pinal had tested negative for COVID-19, but now with his latest study his family doctors have confirmed the news.

In turn, during the morning broadcast of TV Azteca Come Happiness, the journalist Flor Rubio mentioned that she had managed to have communication with Luis Enrique Guzman -son of the first actress and Enrique Guzmán- and that he was also confirming the good news in the Mexican show business:

“Doña Silvia Pinal has already tested negative for COVID-19. We just spoke with Luis Enrique Guzmán and he confirmed that this is indeed the case, he has already tested negative, they did the test on Saturday, ”reported the head of the magazine program.

Silvia Pinal, Alejandra Guzmán and Sylvia Pasquel
Silvia Pinal mentioned that she does not think she will see her children soon (Photo: Instagram / @ laguzmanmx)

After the death of very important figures in Mexico such as Carmen Salinas placeholder image Y Vicente Fernandez, the news that Silvia Pinal had been infected with COVID-19 caused a stir in the media and social networks. The news of her favorable progress began when she was able to spend the New Year with her home, after spending Christmas in hospital.

Efigenia Ramos, Silvia Pinal’s personal caregiver, also mentioned that they will follow the protocols that were indicated to them since she returned from the hospital and that the doctors have mentioned that thanks to the fact that the first actress had her complete vaccination scheme, everything turned out positively. and the disease did not become a critical case.


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