Silvia Pinal lived with these celebrities before knowing that she had COVID-19

Silvia Pinal was diagnosed with COVID-19 After entering a hospital in Mexico City and in the midst of the family’s statements, her daughter, Alejandra Guzmán revealed that last weekend the actress had a meeting in Cuernavaca, Morelos with some Famous.

According to the singer, the meeting took place because she was unaware that the gold diva had been infected, a situation that set off alarms in the middle of the show for possible infections.

Pinal was hospitalized last Wednesday after presenting slight health problems and so far has been reported as stable. But, which celebrities attended the meeting with the artist in Cuernavaca? In AmericanPost.News we bring you all the details.

What famous people lived with Silvia Pinal?

These celebrities attended the coexistence with the actress.

In the photographs shared by the same artists on their social networks, the actor is observed at said meeting, Alejandro Tomassi as well as the actresses, Irma Dorantes Y Emilia carranza.

In addition, show media cite Lorena Herrena, who lived at a small dinner with Pinal’s daughter, Sylvia Pasquel, who like her brothers, Alejandra Guzmán and Luis Enrique Guzmán, could be infected with coronavirus.

It should be noted that so far it is unknown if some of the children of the Mexican film diva were infected or if some of the guests tested positive for the virus, however, remember that the interpreter of “Look at it, look at it” was infected in recent months.

How is Silvia Pinal’s health?

Silvia Pinal was diagnosed with COVID-19 last Wednesday, December 22, after entering a hospital in Mexico City after suffering alterations in her blood pressure. According to the latest statements by Silvya Pasquel, her mother spent Christmas from her hospital room, however, she stressed that her health is reported as stable.

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