Silvia Pinal Series

“Silvia Pinal, in front of you” is the biographical series of the last diva of Mexican gold cinema and is based on the book “This is me: Silvia Pinal”, which was published in the year 2015.

This film product as a series, set between the years 1931 and 2000, was in charge of the executive producer Carla Estrada and it premiered on February 24, 2019; after 21 episodes with a duration of over 40 minutes, it ended on March 22 of that same year.

During the time it was broadcast, the average audience grew over the 3.5 million viewers who saw it on its premiere date and finally managed to have an audience of 3.9 million, that is, an average of 3.74.

Who plays Silvia Pinal in the series?

Who plays Silvia Pinal in the series? Cast of the Silvia Pinal series Why does Silvia Pasquel not appear in the series?

AmericanPost.News informs you that in order to represent Silvia Pinal in its different facets of growth, several artists were selected, which were:

  • The Gala girl: Silvia Pinal at the age of 2 years.
  • Lara Campos: Silvia Pinal at 5 years old.
  • Mia Rubí: Silvia Pinal as a teenager.
  • Nicole Vale: Silvia Pinal between 14 and 20 years old.
  • Itatí Cantoral: Silvia Pinal in her years of splendor.

Cast of the Silvia Pinal series

Cast of the Silvia Pinal series Why does Silvia Pasquel not appear in the series?

the cast of “Silvia Pinal, in front of you” It was made up of great personalities from the world of acting today. Next, we will present you the list of the entire cast that was throughout its 21 episodes.

  • Silvia Pinal as Narrator
  • Itatí Cantoral as Silvia Pinal (Adult)
  • Nicole Vale as Silvia Pinal (Young)
  • Mia Rubín Legarreta as Silvia Pinal (Adolescent)
  • Lara Campos as Silvia Pinal (Girl)
  • Arturo Peniche as Colonel Luis Pinal
  • Alberto Casanova as Rafael Banquells
  • Gabriela Rivero as Sonia Gascón “La Gorda” (Adult)
  • Roberta Burns as Sonia Gascón “La Gorda” (Young)
  • Adriana Nieto as Livia Rangel (Adult) [Sylvia Pasquel]
  • Odemaris Ruiz as Livia Rangel (Adolescent) [Sylvia Pasquel]
  • Cassandra Sánchez Navarro as Viridiana Alatriste
  • María Chacón as Alondra Roman [Alejandra Guzmán]
  • Manuel Masalva as Luis Felipe Roman
  • Vanya Aguayo as Fanny
  • Marcelo Cordoba as Arturo de Cordova
  • Pablo Montero as Gustavo Alatriste
  • Gonzalo Guzman as Felipe Roman [Enrique Guzmán]
  • Karen Rowe as Aunt Beatrix
  • Sebastian Moncayo as Ernesto Alonso
  • Kenya Gascón as María Luisa “Merilú” Hidalgo (Adult)
  • María de la Fuente as María Luisa “Merilú” Hidalgo (Young)
  • Fatima Torre as Tia Concha
  • Luis José Santander as Moises Pasquel
  • Roberto Blandon as Luis Bunuel
  • Maya Mishalska as Jeanne Ruccar
  • Harry Geithner as Emilio Azcárraga Milmo (Adult)
  • Eleazar Gómez as Emilio Azcárraga Milmo (Young)
  • Mané de la Parra as Fernando Frade
  • Ernesto Laguardia as Julio Fernandez
  • José María Galeano as Enrique Rodríguez Alday “El Guero”
  • Rafael Amador as Emilio Fernandez
  • Jose Maria Negri as Andres Soler
  • Fernando Alonso as Severiano de la Barrera
  • David Ramos as Diego Rivera
  • Pedro Sicard as Tulio Demicheli
  • Plutarco Haza as Gregorio Wallerstein
  • Sharis Cid as Libertad Lamarque
  • Jorge Gallegos as Pedro Infante
  • Leticia Perdigon as Eva
  • Patricia Bernal as Abuela Jovita
  • Susana Alexander as XEW Secretary
  • Lorena Velázquez as Principal of the school
  • Ricardo Franco as Jorge Negrete
  • Samuel Roga as Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”
  • Roberto Sosa as Agustin Lara
  • Karen Sandoval as Maria Felix
  • Juan Ignacio Aranda as Miguel Contreras Torres
  • Sergio Klainer as Doctor
  • Octavio Mier as Manolo Fabregas
  • Victoria Camacho as Monica Marban
  • Sara Montalvo as Josefina
  • Carmen Becerra as Sara Dorantes
  • Claudia Troyo as Ariadna Welter
  • Lorena Alvarez as Teresa
  • Hanny Saenz as Antonia
  • Roberto Miguel as Ariel
  • Ernesto Godoy as Carlos
  • Rodrigo Abed as Psychologist
  • Miguel Pizarro as Detective
  • Cecilia Romo as Customer at the hair salon
  • Aitor Iturrioz as Rogelio A. González
  • Carlo Guerra as Rogelio Guerra
  • Raul Araiza as Raul Araiza
  • Hector Cruz as Mario Moya Palencia
  • Michel Lopez as Javier Garcia
  • Enrique Rocha as Narrator of ‘The Silvia and Felipe Show’

Why Silvia Pasquel does not appear in the series?

Why Silvia Pasquel does not appear in the series?

Before preparations began for Silvia Pinal’s series as part of television, Sylvia Pasquel was carrying out projects for the rival television station, that is, Aztec TVthat is why in an interview mentioned that it would be unethical On your part be working with both companiesthat is why he simply chose not to appear.

However, despite the fact that her name was not mentioned in the series, her character was represented by two different actresses: adriana grandson as its adult version and Odemaris Ruiz c.Like his teenage version, although it should be noted that the character was called Livia Rangel.

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