Silvia Pinal unstoppable returns to the stage and causes great commotion

Silvia Pinal 90 years old, she returned to the theater again with the staging of Little Red Riding Hood, causing all kinds of reactions, because while some want to see her perform one of her greatest passions in life, others want her to be at home resting due to who is an older woman.

Although there were more who supported her return to the stage, Silvia Pinal’s withdrawal to the place caused a lot of chaos, since the media were already waiting for her to ask her various questions about her career and her private life, but she was guarded by a security team at Family request as it was raining.

It was Sale el Sol who managed to do a brief interview with the actress of the Golden Age, who thanked the media for being present in the place, in addition to feeling happy to appear again in a play, because for years She was not, so seeing her made her fans happy, who have a lot of respect for her for being a woman so dedicated to work.

As if that were not enough, Luis Enrique Guzmán was present at his mother’s debut, since he has been watching her in recent months and even more so when he was admitted to the hospital on some occasions for various situations, making it clear that the entire dynasty is united with the great artist.

As expected, the networks immediately reacted to her great return, where the public at the end of the work applauded her like never before, but the opinions, as previously stated, began to vary.

“Doña has a life? Yes, and a lot! But… This lady should already be at home just looking at all the work she has done throughout her life. I think”, “Mmm ta, we were wrong again That lady is healthier than me. It goes a long way. She barely entered her youth”, “Don’t be clowns or guard her, think a little bit it was raining, did they want me to go down to give them an interview or how?”, the networks write to see Silvia Pinal leaving the play.

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