Sirey, Lupita, Génesis and Fabién finalists of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’

It was a night full of emotions, but above all of an amazing growth from the six semifinalists of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ that already has its 4 finalists.

Who are they? The public chose that Sirey Morán, Lupita Valero, Génesis Suero and Fabién De la Concepción will go to the end of the new season of Univision’s Sunday relaity.

But before knowing their names, and whatTo be out of the competition Jaky Magaña and Raishmar Carrillo, the semifinalists did everything. Yes, There were three challenges and they astonished not only the jury made up of Giselle Blondet, Daniella Álvarez, Adala Ramones and Jomari Goyso, but also the public.

It was as if the ‘caterpillars’ that entered the competition more than two months ago, became the semifinal in butterflies and began to fly around the studio.

The challenges started with a lot of power, with the complicity of the talents and shows of the chain, and a super production of costumes, choreography, and dancers on stage.

The girls underwent Challenge given by Clarissa Molina to imitate a great diva and by Giselle Blondet to be part of a television show on the network.

The first in breaking the ice was Raishmar Carrillo, who was doing a test in ‘Primer Impacto’ with Michelle Galván. And arrive on the NBL stage to sing ‘El Anillo Pa’cuando’ characterized as Jennifer López.

Raishmar Carrillo is Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Univision

As we have been telling you, the judges wanted to let the girls know how well they were doing, even the toughest of them, Jomari Goyso, who told Raishmar: “The only thing you lack is experience, congratulations on your journey, I am impressed, and that is what all the competition has sought”.

The one that followed was Fabién de la Concepción to whom Giselle Blondet sent her to do ‘Digital News Edition’ with Borja Voces. Despite having no experience or preparation of any kind in the media and even less in the news, she was astonished because she managed to come out worthy of the situation.

His diva was nothing more and nothing less than Gloria Trevi, and, of course, taking advantage of his great hair he sang ‘Todos me Miran’.

Fabién de la Concepción is Gloria Trevi
Fabién de la Concepción is Gloria Trevi. Photo: Univision

“What a projection, I loved everything, a little more experience and you can do it, otherwise you were very good,” said Daniella Álvarez., the judges continued without leaving their amazement for so much growth on the part of all.

After Fabién lbequeathed Jaky Magaña, who later became the first eliminated from the semifinal. The Mexican participated in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ with Raúl de Molina. Incidentally, that is the show where she dreams of working, but we do not know if her nerves betrayed her or being in the place she wants so much, it was not up to what we were used to.

However, when it comes to imitating his diva, left everyone with their mouths open because it is as if he had brought Jenni Rivera back to life.

Jaky magaña is Jenni Rivera
Jaky magaña is Jenni Rivera. Photo: Univision

The judges didn’t want to be so harsh, and Adal Ramones tried to rescue the best of her, and assured her that he had done very well.

Génesis Suero, la ‘pim, pum, pan’… With his self-confidence he had a task with which he left everyone with their mouths open: driving, without a script and without prompting ‘Falling in love’ with Rafael Araneda. Between that and her portrayal of Beyonce, she put the judges on their feet.

Genesis Serum is Beyonce
Genesis Serum is Beyonce. Photo: Univision

“I loved what you did, I see you on television. I also loved Beyonce, the attitude, I love you, “Giselle told him. excited, who discovered that the lyrics of the song were not known, however her performance filled the stage.

Lupita Valero visited ‘Despierta América’, and together with Carlos Calderón they did an entertainment segment where the Mexican had to read a telepronter. And then it became nothing more and nothing less than Thalía to interpret ‘Who Cares’.

Lupita Valero is Thalía
Lupita Valero is Thalía. Photo: Univision

“Even I’m worried,” Jomari began by saying and continued: “When we started ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina I felt that if you went to a casting that day it was very difficult for them to be hired … Today I am seeing them and I do not know them for good, hopefully people will see that difference when voting “.

The last and perhaps not by chance, but as a strategy, It was Sirey Morán, who is emerging as the possible winner, and the first to be named a finalist. Of course lto test the Honduran who in ‘Sports Contact’ with Lindsay Casinelli. Clearly, she showed off, let’s remember that she had a sports show in Honduras, which she resigned to participate in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’.

At the time of his diva, it was not as perfect as the challenge, but taking into account what he shared at the last gala, about the fact that because of his Christian religion he had never danced, without a doubt heu Karol G singing ‘La Bichota’, it was a success.

Sirey is Karol G
Sirey Morán is Karol G. Photo: Univision

After these scenic displays, the expected arrived, the most difficult for two, and happiness for four. Alejandra Espinoza informed Jaky Magaña that she was out of the competition, and Sirey Morán that she became the first finalist. He followed Fabién de la Concepción to find out that it was the second, Genesis the third, and Lupita the fourth, so Raishmar was also left out.

But it not all ends there, One more challenge followed, some had an entertainment segment commented with Charytín Goyco, and the others had to interview Don Francisco.

With the four finalists already, now the people and the judges will decide who, next Sunday at 8/7 Pm Central on Univision, will be the winner not only of the crown, but of having a chance as the new talent of Univision.

The semifinalists in the challenge of Clarissa Molina
The semifinalists in the challenge of Clarissa Molina. Photo: Univision


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