Sister of Christian Nodal clarifies what happened after controversial video where it is seen that he grabbed a buttock

Recently the singer Christian Nodal has not stopped and it is that he does not finish leaving a scandal to get into another. this time It’s about leaking a video where it is seen that she goes out dancing with her sister and later, he touched a buttockaction that should not be considered normal or for having that family bond.

In the video it is possible to appreciate that both are quite animated dancing and when he touches that area, she had a reaction and that is that she jumped and separated from him, which can be seen as that action by Nodal was not Of your liking.

Others believe that it is a circumstance that was taken out of the environment, while some users of various social networks do not see it as an abusive act when it comes to being a family. However, others explained that he would have done it without her being aware and that Amely’s reaction leaves much to think about.

Christian for a few days has been involved in negative comments, after he revealed some conversations he had with Belinda. Internet users have spoken about it, because they feel that he was not a gentleman for having made public the talk they both had.

However, he later came to his defense and explained his reasons for posting those screenshots on his personal Twitter account.

Nodal’s sister clarifies what happened

Amely Nodal, sister of the renowned singer, through the stories of the social network Instagram, needed to clarify what happened in the video. Nevertheless, explained that he finds it “unpleasant” having to say what really happened that night.

“Having to explain how my relationship with my brother is to people who have no limits and take advantage of this delicate movementwhich has cost a lot to people who really do go through this type of case, “he wrote.

She also detailed that between her and her brother “there is a beautiful relationship” and stressed that there is “a line of respect“.

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