Sister of Octavio Ocaña reveals that a new expert opinion could confirm that the actor was murdered

Almost nine months after the death of Octavio Ocanait has been announced that the Human Rights Commission already has the results of the expert opinion it carried out, with which it finally could confirm that the young actor was deprived of life.

The Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, better known as “Benito Rivers” for his work in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’, died on October 29, 2021 as a result of a gunshot to the head, which according to the Mexico State Prosecutor’s Office, was himself who accidentally triggered the weapon after being involved in a chase with the police.

However, said version could be reconsidered by the authorities with the help of the results of the expert opinion carried out by the Human Rights Commission, an organization that brought the case due to the series of inconsistencies presented.

as revealed Bertha Perez Ocanasister of the actor, could be very close to getting the justice they have sought so much.

Octavio was deprived of his life and that is where Human Rights comes in, the CNDH carried out its own expert reports in the case of my brother. We have our expert reports, those of the Prosecutor’s Office and the CNDH. Let’s put all this information together to come to a proper conclusion.“, he explained during an interview with the program ‘Ventaeando’.

Emphasizing that the justice that his family has sought could come with the corresponding sanction for those responsible, who could be prosecuted for the crime of homicide.

“We are seeking justice, which means that these police officers deprived my brother of his life and it is something that we will soon be able to verify. That they pay with prison and that they be enough years because the crime would be homicide, definitely“, he explained.

Bertha shared that both she and her sister Ana Lucía will make a special appearance in the Televisa series, for which they had to return to the recording forums and relive painful moments for their entire family.

The one that affected him the most was my dad because it came to mind when (Octavio) was little and we got to the dressing room and got settled. We had a lot of courage, but we did it for him and it doesn’t take long for this chapter to come out that we did with a lot of love and affection for him, “he added.

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