Six Flags roller coaster crash leaves 14 injured

At least 14 people were injured after a accident in a six flags roller coaster. The events were recorded in the “Great Adventure” park, located in New Jersey, United States.

The accident occurred on Thursday around 7:30 p.m., when several people were aboard the well-known mechanical game ‘The bull’. The mechanical failure occurred when the attraction was traveling at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour and with falls of more than 50 meters, Vive Usa reported.

The game presented a fault in the heights, which caused several people who were in the attraction to end up injured, of which five required hospitalization, according to local media.

New accident on the Six Flags roller coaster

Behind the accidentseveral people reported that they suffered severe back pain due to the strong movement, while another five were taken to the nearest hospital due to the wounds that they presented.

Witnesses reported to local media that during the incident a loud bang was heard and they saw how one of the trains shook violently. Meanwhile, park managers temporarily closed the roller coaster known as ‘El Toro’, while New Jersey authorities investigate the incident.

So far the causes of the accident are not clear, however, state authorities fined the park after the same attraction partially derailed last summer.

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How long is the Six Flags VIP Pass?

Park facilities.

The VIP Pass six flags It has a duration of 12 months and can be processed at any time of the year. As we announced in AmericanPost.News, On August 15, a shooting was recorded inside Six Flags located in Illinois, leaving three people injured. This Thursday, a new accident was recorded on the roller coaster of the park located in New Jersey.

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