Sixth day of chaos due to flight cancellations in the United States

Cancellation of flights at Miami airport.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Variant Covid-19 omicron is the main cause behind the chaos for airlines and passengers in the United States, due to the cancellation of flights from, to or in the country, which on Wednesday exceeded 1,000.

Flight attendants, pilots and ground personnel have been infected with this variant or have been exposed to sick people, putting companies in check in their attempts to recruit personnel.

In each day of this week, cancellations have reached four digits; they began to increase dramatically the day before Christmas, precisely at a time of high demand by those who want to be close to their relatives to pass the dates.

What’s more, the weather doesn’t help either. Skywest, a regional firm that is based in Utah, has had to make cancellations due to the effects of extreme weather at several central airports, in addition to those made for COVID infections.

Cold and snowfall hit the country’s northwest coast hard last weekend.

Wednesday night The United States accumulated more than a third of the world’s flight cancellations. However, the figures seem to show a slight decrease, compared to previous days.

With information from agencies.

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