Smear and new account: Sergio Ramos welcomed Lionel Messi to PSG

Smear and new account: Sergio Ramos welcomed Lionel Messi to PSG

Ramos and Messi faced each other for 16 seasons. Both starred in games of many frictions.

Photo: CURTO DE LA TORRE / AFP / Getty Images

The arrival of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain will bring with it one of the least thought of postcards in the world of football. Sergio Ramos and “La Pulga” will go from being great rivals in the duels between Real Madrid and Barcelona to being teammates at PSG. Under these circumstances, the Spanish footballer has already welcomed the Argentine star.

“Who was going to tell us, right?”, said the former merengue footballer in a publication on his Instagram account. In the image you can see the two more bombastic signings in this transfer market. Both players came from extensive stages in their respective clubs.

Under these circumstances, these two players who represented the sporting rivalry in the great Spanish Classic, they will be part of the same set. During the last 16 seasons they faced each other on countless occasions in games that paralyzed the world.

Curiously, fate made them close their respective cycles in the same season. Sergio Ramos arrived in Paris in June and today he has to open the doors to his archrival of so many years, but that from this season they will represent the same colors in search of glory.

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