Smugglers plunge into Rio Bravo during high-speed border pursuit caught on video

Experience the tension of a border pursuit near Rio Bravo as suspects make a daring dive, setting social media abuzz.

Through social networks, a video began to circulate where you can see everything happening during an intense border chase, which immediately accumulated hundreds of reproductions. It is worth noting that these types of events attract attention due to the intensity with which they usually take place.

VIDEO: This was the intense border chase

A video was broadcast on Twitter in which one can see what happened between a border patrol and alleged smugglers. The clip was set to the music of the song”El Gato De Chihuahua” by Tigres del Norte, and the patrol car can be seen chasing the truck at top speed along a dirt road just a few meters from the Rio Bravo.

And just like in the movie, the truck ran out of the road and had to decide whether to give up or continue, so it decided to continue and entered the river, probably thinking it would be a good idea. Already there, four subjects got out of the vehicle and jumped into the river, looking to continue fleeing from the authorities, which was becoming difficult at this point. Clinging to flee, they continued their journey in the river, some swimming and others holding on to the van, thinking they would get farther. It is unknown where the video dates from. However, it was striking how it unfolded.

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What is the new policy on vehicle chases?

Last January, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) updated its policy on vehicle chases to increase security, following several deaths related to these incidents in past years.

The subjects fled swimming. | PHOTO: Twitter @PacoZeaCom
The subjects fled swimming. | PHOTO: Twitter @PacoZeaCom

This way, a clear framework around vehicle pursuits was presented, so it does not prohibit them. Still, it will regulate them: “The policy establishes the factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue a vehicle and when to end a pursuit,” reads the statement. Also, the new guidelines establish the ” reasonableness ” standard when officers attempt any stop or seizure.

So one of the most important changes is that U.S. Border Patrol (USBP ) agents will be prohibited from conducting vehicle pursuits solely because a car failed to stop at a checkpoint or yield to an agent who attempted to stop it. In doing so, they will have to consider the severity of the crime believed to have been committed by those involved and the level of threat the person might pose.