So far, no survivors found after plane crash with 132 passengers in China

China.- Hours after the fatal crash of a Chinese plane in the province southern GuangxiSo far, no survivor has been found among the 132 passengers on board the plane.

The plane Boeing 737-800 Eastern China crashed on Monday in the remote south china areaaccording to the authorities after the first moments of the impact, a forest fire was created that was visible from space, and the incident has been described as the worst air disaster of the decade.

So far, local news has not reported on deaths or injuries, but it was clarified that 123 passengers and nine crew members were traveling on the plane, this after the version that 133 people were traveling on the aircraft was handled.

One of the only reports revealed was given by the state network CCTV, which indicated that the plane wreckage had been found at the scene, however, it did not reveal if injured or dead people had been found.

The aircraft had flight number 5,735 and at the time of the accident was traveling at 455 knots, about 842 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 29,000 feet.

According to data from the flight tracking site, The aircraft plummeted to about 7,400 feet before recovering about 1,200 feet in altitude and collapsing again, after which it stopped transmitting information.

The first to realize the impact of the plane were the inhabitants of the region, who quickly went to the area where a fire also broke out.

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For his part, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked the authorities for a full rescue effort, as well as a thorough investigation into the crash to guarantee the absolute safety of aviation.

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