So you can make your name reach the moon

The name of several people may reach the Moonand it would be through of Artemis Ithe unmanned mission that will be launched in August or at the end of this year, with him he would take “To several people” to space.

through this project The NASAintends to start with the missions so that in 2024 humans again can step on the moonthis time would be a woman who would mark this historical moment

Registration to be part of this NASA project has already started and all you have to do is enter this link, on the page you must complete the form with your data and when finished you will have to create a PIN codein case you lose your information about “this trip to the moon”.

Details about names on the moon

Details about names on the Moon Full Moon in May 2022

When you finish entering the information, the portal will generate “your boarding pass”this will be the signal that your name will travel to the Moon, the information collected will be sent to space on a hard drive.

It has been indicated that part of the objectives of the Artemis I mission is to test the technology for re-entry into Earth orbit, in addition to the fact that during the journey will leave several satellites “CubeSats” type, which will allow obtaining More information on the area.

full moon may 2022

Full Moon in May 2022

According to the information, next Monday, May 30, it will be possible to see in the sky full moonalso known as “Corn Planting Moon” or “Luna de Leche”, due to its characteristic color, due to its position it will be completely illuminated.

Via AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Edwin Luna presumes that he uses a shaping girdle and criticism rains down on him.