Soccer club Atlas FC faces Twitter storm after quoting Nazi figure Goebbels in tweet

Social media battle ensues as a Nazi reference in Atlas FC's tweet post-victory stokes the ire of fans and influencer Werevertumorro.

The Atlas team kicked off the Leagues Cup 2023 with a 1-0 victory over New York City FC, but the triumph on the field was quickly overshadowed by a storm brewing on social media. The culprit? An ill-advised tweet from one of the team’s official accounts.

Following a play that was ruled offside by VAR, potentially denying the MLS team a draw, accusations of bias towards the Mexican side started to fly. Among those questioning the referee’s call was social media influencer Werevertumorro, who took to Twitter to voice his concerns.

“Today they helped Atlas, and they will say: ‘Wasn’t the refereeing against Liga MX? I swear to you that the opinion of a lot of people does have an influence,” he opined on the platform. Werevertumorro’s tweet also highlighted instances of alleged favoritism towards Atlas FC in Liga MX history, which seemed to vanish once they were subject to public scrutiny. “Yesterday was rude,” he added.

In response, the official Atlas account posted a contentious tweet in defense of the controversial play in their match against New York City FC. The tweet, startlingly, quoted Nazi Minister of Information Goebbels to illustrate its point.

The tweet read: “This shot is clearer than water. The offside happens in the first play. It is unfortunate how ‘influencers’ (in reference to Werevertumorro) and ‘analyst’ media people manipulate by generating ideas of ‘supposed help,’ but remembering what Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Information (Hitler’s right-hand man) said, they apply it to perfection: ‘lie, lie, lie that something will remain, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it'”.

Atlas wins and lashes out at 'influencer' Werevertumorro with controversial tweet (@AtlasFC)
Atlas wins and attacks ‘influencer’ Werevertumorro with a controversial tweet (@AtlasFC)

The tweet caused a furor among fans and social media users alike, given the shocking and inappropriate comparison made by a Liga MX team, using a Nazi figure to justify a disputed refereeing decision. Below are some of the comments posted by netizens in response.

“In which communications class do they teach you to align your brand with the Third Reich?”They lost Quiñones (their right winger) and swung extreme right.”Could they not explain without quoting Nazis before lunchtime on a Monday?”When you’ve spent the night watching the history channel and report to work angry.”Next up from the scholar, as Ted Bundy would say: ‘Let’s break it down” Next up from the CM: as Bin Laden would put it: ‘This is going to explode.'”

The memes were not long in coming (@marpolasram)
The memes were not long in coming after the controversy (@marpolasram).

Werevertumorro had a wry retort for Atlas on social media.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Werevertumorro fired back at Atlas on social media. The popular influencer and YouTuber responded to the club’s controversial post with a cheeky question.

In response to Atlas quoting a Nazi figure to counter criticism about a contentious play in their match against New York City FC, Werevertumorro quipped: “Atlas just explained the offside to me by quoting a Nazi. By the way, can you explain this to me but with fascism?” he wrote on his social media.

Atlas' unusual post-game tweet creates a stir (@werevertumorro)
Unusual post-game tweet from Atlas creates a stir (@werevertumorro)

The reply from Werevertumorro stirred up social media, with followers and users alike joining the conversation on this unusual event. The club has faced a backlash from the online community for their clumsy defense in relation to the game. The bizarre interaction between the influencer and the team has ignited a heated debate that continues to play out on the virtual stage. The waiting game is now on to see how this peculiar situation between Werevertumorro and the ‘fox’ team unfolds.

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It’s worth mentioning that interactions of this sort between entertainment figures and football clubs are becoming increasingly common on social media. While they can often be laden with humor, they can also incite debates and polarize fans’ opinions.

Atlas triumphs on the pitch, but Twitter storms erupt over controversial Goebbels quote (@FraFilter)
Atlas triumphs on the pitch, but Twitter storms erupt over controversial Goebbels quote (@FraFilter).

So, who exactly was Joseph Goebbels?

Born on October 29, 1897, in Rheydt, Germany, Joseph Goebbels was a central figure in the Nazi regime led by Adolf Hitler. As one of Hitler’s closest allies, Goebbels played a pivotal role in disseminating Nazi propaganda and shaping public opinion during the Second World War.

A scholar of literature and philosophy, Goebbels was an early adherent of the Nazi Party. His rhetorical prowess and communication skills caught Hitler’s attention, and in 1933 he was appointed Minister of Propaganda and Volksaufklärung (People’s Enlightenment).

In his role, Goebbels turned propaganda into a potent weapon of manipulation and indoctrination.

Atlas quickly became a trending topic on Twitter (@EsDeMamador).
The Atlas quickly trended on Twitter (@EsDeMamador).

Goebbels used a variety of media, including newspapers, radio, cinema, and public events, to disseminate Nazi ideology, denigrate opponents, and glorify Hitler. His aim was to mold public sentiment, promote an image of German supremacy, and fuel anti-Semitism and racial discrimination.

Under his direction, Nazi propaganda painted Jews as a menace to German society.

This narrative facilitated the implementation of discriminatory policies that eventually led to the Holocaust, during which millions of Jews and other minorities were persecuted and murdered.

Best memes about the Atlas tweet (@Cocca5187)
The best memes about the Atlas tweet (@Cocca5187).

Goebbels remained in firm control of the information landscape in Germany throughout the war, keeping up the patriotic fervor even in the face of military setbacks. However, as Germany’s situation deteriorated, the effectiveness of his propaganda diminished, and its influence began to wane.

In the final days of World War II, Goebbels was among the last to stay in Hitler’s Berlin bunker. After Hitler’s suicide, Goebbels briefly assumed the role of Reich Chancellor before he and his wife, Magda, took their own lives on May 1, 1945.