Soccer Player Stefany Ferrer Van-Ginkel faces backlash for Nazi salute during Beverly Hills protest

The player, who was the first foreigner to play in Liga MX Femenil, was caught making the sign in front of pro-Israeli demonstrators.

Stefany Ferrer Van-Ginkel, once a celebrated player for Tigres and the first foreign athlete in Liga MX Femenil, is now embroiled in controversy. The storm brewing around her follows an incident during a protest against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Beverly Hills. Captured in a widely circulated social media video, Van-Ginkel was seen making a Nazi salute while uttering “Heil Hitler”.

The soccer star, of Spanish birth and Brazilian descent, was in a car passing by Israeli flag-bearing demonstrators when she made this gesture.

Widespread Backlash

This incident, initially shared by “Stop Antisemitism” on social media, led to widespread outrage once Van-Ginkel was identified. Comments ranged from “Disgusting and reprehensible” to “Stefany Ferrer’s was the last nail in the coffin of a career that was already dead”. The backlash was swift and fierce, with many pointing out the potential career-ending implications of her actions.


Angel City Football Club’s Clarification

In the wake of these events, Angel City Football Club, which Van-Ginkel was thought to be affiliated with, took to social media to distance themselves. They clarified that Van-Ginkel had not been part of their team since November 2022 and condemned her actions and statements. This move followed the player’s decision to delete her Instagram account, which boasted 119 thousand followers.

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A Career Overview

Van-Ginkel’s career began in Spain with Igualada in 2014, followed by a stint at Atletico Vilafranca. Her last Spanish endeavor was with Espanyol’s B team in 2016. She then moved to the United States, joining West Virginia University’s Mountaineers, where she played nine games, scoring six goals and providing two assists.

(Photo: Twitter / @stefvangi21)
(Photo: Twitter / @stefvangi21)

Her historic entry into Liga MX Femenil came in mid-2021 when she joined Tigres, becoming the first foreign player in the league. However, her time in the Mexican league was less than stellar, marked by a mere 263 minutes of play and a single goal against Cruz Azul.

After leaving Mexico, Van-Ginkel moved to Los Angeles, briefly joining Angel City FC in 2022. Her last known team was Jijantas F.C. in Gerard Piqué’s Queens League.