soccer school in Atlanta to work miracles

  • A soccer school in Atlanta, Georgia, has a great mission.
  • GroW Soccer Evolution teaches children to develop their potential.
  • Wilmer Lozan, the founder, also helps other children in Colombia.

One year after the founding of GroW Soccer Evolution, the Colombian Wilmer Lozano’s soccer school in Atlanta, Georgia, has grown from seven to 140 children, including about twenty girls, who have fun while learning techniques to play it regardless of their level. football.


Lozano, who studied at the Training Center in Physical Activity and Culture in Bogotá, founds his project on his passion for soccer and the need to help in the educational process of children both in sports and personally.

Continuous growth

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

“I started out doing custom training, I’ve even worked with low-strength guys from Atlanta United, and then we did it with small groups of kids who might not have the potential for the sport.

This is how our school grew and thank God, today we are four coaches with me, ”said Lozano, who emigrated in 2016 from Colombia to Georgia.

Thanks to god

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

When talking about the success of his school, Lozano first thanks God for the blessings received and then emphasizes the reasons for the acceptance of his project.

“Our mission is to provide the best service to children in the process of formation. We focus on boys who may not have recreational talents and we give priority to the training process as it is the most important for the development of their skills, ”explained Lozano.

Inclusive soccer

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

Because of this inclusion, GroW Soccer Evolution is approached by boys who have dropped out of other soccer schools because they do not fit into their schemes.

“Many children have come to me from other places who have not taken them into account due to their low performance or their weight. Here we try to motivate them so that they also practice a sport and more than anything so that they do not get into depression problems, one of the biggest problems this country has, ”said the coach.

Real experiences

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

Juan Vargas lived with his 13-year-old son David, that hard experience. The Mexican remembers that two years ago his firstborn was mired in depression and did not want to live. David likes soccer and kicked the ball with his dad since he was 8 years old. Vargas took his son at that time to the Ordaz Soccer Academy, where Lozano was his coach.

“We were with them for a while; coach Wilmer left there and my son was no longer happy and we left later. Last year David joined GroW Soccer Evolution and he is happier, he has improved a lot since he came back with Wilmer ”, said Vargas after assuring that soccer cured his son of depression by meeting new friends and improving his skills.

School costs

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

For Lozano and his three coaches, also Colombians, Jhon Fredy Celis, three-time world indoor soccer champion, Fabián Soler and Daniel Jaimes, GroW Soccer Evolution is more than a school is a family and from there they set out to design the training sessions and activities they offer.

The school charges $ 120 a month for two weeknight workouts at West Gwinnett Park & ​​Aquatic Center in Norcross and weekend games at the Georgia Soccer league. In addition, they offer nutrition classes and organize camps and family recreational activities. And to prevent children from stopping training at his school due to financial problems, Lozano has a plan.

Happy and very grateful

Photo: Courtesy Wilmer Lozano

“For siblings or cousins ​​who do not have resources, we charge two for one, or if three, four or five children from the same family arrive, we give them discounts. The most important thing is that the children train ”, commented the coach.

To conclude, Lozano stressed that he is happy and grateful to have recently donated 100 uniforms and 100 pairs of ‘guayos’ (‘tacos’ or sports shoes) to underprivileged children in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood in Buenaventura, Colombia to practice the sport that they love and that are part of their new Independent GroW Soccer project led by professor Bladimir Sánchez Ramírez.