Social media star Karely Ruiz opens up in Playboy Mexico’s November issue

Karely Ruiz achieves her dream as the new cover star of Playboy Mexico, sharing her experience on her secondary Instagram account.

In a striking example of the influence digital creators wield today, 23-year-old Karely Ruiz has realized a significant aspiration—she now adorns the digital cover of Playboy Mexico, a publication highly revered in the modeling world.

Ruiz took to her secondary Instagram account, an essential tool for maintaining the connection with her audience after an official setback, to express both her dismay and hope.

“Unfortunately I don’t have my 9 million account because @Instagram closed it for me for this special day, but I hope you love and support this new achievement that for me is a dream.” — Karely Ruiz

As she shares the photograph that crowns her as the cover girl, Ruiz is depicted in what can only be described as sultry black lace lingerie, setting the tone for the kind of sophistication and allure Playboy is synonymous with.

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Karely Ruiz celebrates her new achievement (@karelyruiz.of / Instagram)

The Anticipated Surprise: Playboy Mexico’s Cover Star

For weeks leading up to the announcement, Ruiz had teased her fans with hints of a big surprise, leading many to speculate about a potential partnership with Playboy Mexico. The speculation has proven to be accurate with Ruiz’s unveiling as the face of Playboy Mexico’s November digital issue.

Might be interesting:

In a series of photos, the Monterrey native and OnlyFans model showcases an array of fitted lingerie, including lace, silk, and leopard prints, offering a glimpse into the exclusive shoot.

Beyond the Camera: Karely Ruiz Opens Up

The collaboration with Playboy Mexico isn’t just about the visuals. Ruiz engaged in a candid conversation with the magazine, addressing the daily barrage of negative comments she receives. Far from letting it hinder her, she insists it fuels her growth.

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Karely Ruiz celebrates her achievements (@karelyruiz.of / Instagram).

Ruiz, known for celebrating even the minorities that generate whispers, seems to thrive under the spotlight of public scrutiny, adhering to the maxim: “Let people talk about you, good or bad, just let them talk.”

Her approach appears to be paying dividends. The curiosity and chatter about her personal life and aesthetics are not just talk; they translate into substantial earnings. Ruiz reportedly nets over a million pesos a month from her OnlyFans content and enjoys the financial perks of collaborations with various artists.