Sofía Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, presented sequelae due to booster vaccine against COVID-19

Sofia Castro (Photo: Instagram @ sofia_96castro)

The actress Sofía Castro presented some symptoms of fever after receiving the booster of the COVID-19 vaccine in Miami, Florida. From her social networks, the daughter of the former First Lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera, shared some videos where she was somewhat deteriorated.

“I woke up because when my temperature dropped I was in a cold sweat all morning, literally drenched in sweat. And that made me feel better, so I think I already delivered this vaccine. It’s not sooo bad, so please get vaccinated”He wrote in his Instagram stories.

The actress of Malverde She also shared a video of herself being cared for by her mother, with whom he shared the Christmas celebration of this 2021. The two even met with Fernanda and Regina Castro and Angélica’s ex-husband, Alberto “El Güero Castro”.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ sofia_96castro
PHOTO: Instagram / @ sofia_96castro

From your Instagram account, Sofia Castro shared the postcard of the Castro Rivera family celebration, in which he appears with his sisters and parents. Also, he added a message in the post description:

“Merry Christmas from my family to yours. May all good things embrace you, accompany you and stay with you forever. I wish you a lot of love, a lot of happiness and above all a lot of health. All my love and my affection always ”, began in the post that at the moment has almost 40 thousand ‘likes’.

He then commented that his sister, Fernanda Castro, recovered from a COVID-19 infection to be able to spend the holidays with the family: “Thank God Fernanda is already registered and we were able to achieve this photo after 1000 attempts “, he narrated in the post.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ sofia_96castro
PHOTO: Instagram / @ sofia_96castro

“This we are, us 5 a family yes … unconventional, but more united than ever … and obviously the best“, Concluded in the publication that aroused hundreds of reactions among the followers of the interpreter of Malverde: the series.

“Lovely ‘unconventional’ family. What a blessing, I love you, “wrote singer Isabel Lascurain in the comment box. “I’m dying of emotion”, “I love this family” and “oh! I love them”, added other followers in the post

In the photograph, “La Gaviota”, as it is also known in the middle of the show, and his family posed at the foot of a white Christmas tree. The former actress also appeared wearing red and white checkered pajamas, along with her ex-partner, who wore pajamas of the same pattern.

Fernanda told her health status on social media (Photo: Twitter)

Likewise, the three daughters wore the same pajamas: a set of shorts with a pattern of red and green fours and a gray sweatshirt.

Despite the fact that Angélica does not maintain her profiles on social networks publicly, during this Christmas, her daughters shared some other details of the celebration they had, since a few days ago, Sofía also revealed that her mother had cooked for dinner.

This happened just days after Angélica’s other daughter, Fernanda, tested positive for COVID-19. He made the news known through his Instagram account, where he spoke a little about his experience with the virus.

Sofía Castro dedicated an emotional message to her mother.  (Photo: Instagram)
Sofía Castro dedicated an emotional message to her mother. (Photo: Instagram)

“Hello, here to give you a report from the planet I live on, I have Covid, I feel fine, I’m fine but I feel very boredSo I’m going to be answering questions all day, ”he wrote.

The 22-year-old was in isolation from the day she wrote that, however, she later appeared on the tree with her family.


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