Sofía Castro is sincere and says: “After suffering abuse, I find ‘that person’”; the young actress is in love

Sofia Castro It was felt in the last century when he was filming the series “Malverde” (Telemundo) in Mexico, dressed in his character as “Lucrecia Luna”, in front of and behind the cameras.

“It was a pretty tough procedure every day to be able to record at the Ajusco. The truth is that we were transported back in time, because even though you came home and slept and dined with him or whatever, we were cut off all day.

She used to say (to her boyfriend Pablo): ‘Love! I’ll be here, I’ll talk to you in eight hours, ten hours to finish’, so Pablo already knew that he wasn’t going to hear from me all day ”, says about his current partner.

The actress, who recently confessed in a TEDx Talk that she had suffered an abusive relationship, has found the man she wants to marry, a relationship opposite to the previous one.

“Pablo taught me what really It’s when a man loves a woman, as cheesy as it sounds. I did not know what it was to have a healthy relationship, I did not know that, I had never had it, and Pablo came to show me security, peace, joy, unconditional support, zero toxicity, zero jealousy, and he loved me with everything I am, I loved him.

“And obviously, Always as I have said, to be with a partner that complements you, you first have to love yourself, you have to accept yourself as you are, and that’s what happened to me. The moment I worked for myself, the moment I accepted myself, loved myself and worked for Sofia, A man came to my side who came to complement me much more ”.

Will there be a wedding?
Possibly, but not yet, hahaha! I think you ask him that.

But for you he’s the one, right? You are ready, right?
Sure, I think so, right? Let’s see, we have just turned two years, I say, for many it is little for some it is a lot, but for me that coexistence that we had to live through the situation that the world lived, in one way or another helped us to see if we were ready to to be or not to be, to say ‘is that the person’ and Pablo is that person, and I am very much in love and very happy.

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