Sofía Castro reappears wearing braces

Through their social networks Sofia Castro is seen for the first time with braces, in addition to talking about its consequences after being vaccinated against Covid-19.

A few weeks ago in AmericanPost.News We let you know that Sofía Castro was returning to braces, after leaving the treatment unfinished. Now the actress showed that it is already a fact.

Sofia Castro Instagram

The actress returned to the braces as she had already announced The actress received her vaccine against Covid-19 and showed it on social networks

It was through her official Instagram that Sofía Castro revealed the reactions she had when applying the Covid-19 booster vaccine and after talking about her reaction to the biological agent, she was seen wearing braces.

He added that it is only one night that he developed a fever and encouraged people to get vaccinated or receive booster doses as appropriate.

“I bring 38.5 of temperature. I got vaccinated today, the third. Yes it is tough, yes it is strong, but, please, get vaccinated, “he said.

Sofia Castro seeks to improve her smile

The actress received her vaccine against Covid-19 and showed it on social networks

However, despite the fact that many congratulated her for receiving the dose against Covid-19, what really attracted attention was that the daughter of the also actress Angelica Rivera you already have braces again.

“This is the first time they see me with braces chao,” said the young actress, who previously confessed that she was returning to treatment to improve her smile.

It should be noted that the actress did not give more details about her new orthodontics that she is doing.

Actress Sofia Castro spent the Christmas festivities in the company of her father Alberto Castro, her mother, Angélica Rivera and her younger sisters Regina and Fernanda.

Which undoubtedly caused a lot of astonishment, since their parents are separated, however through their social networks Sofia Castro It shows that they have a close relationship.

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