Sofía Castro was a victim of racism and nobody believed her

During an interview, Sofía Castro confessed that she lived moments of anguish when I was still studying, well was a victim of racism by a subject who was bothering her, and one day she decided to pick up the phone and call her father, José Albero “El Guero” Castro, to ask him to remove her from that institution.

The person responsible for this action was a school teacher and the young woman burst into tears as she recounted this bitter experience in the United States, where she is currently studying.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We announced that Sofía will return to braces, as the criticism from the audience made her feel insecure and she decided to leave the treatment unfinished. But now with stronger mental health, he decided to take it up again.

Teacher discriminates against Sofía Castro

The teacher discriminated against non-US people The young woman is the daughter of a famous Mexican actress

The Mexican producer asked his daughter to face the situation because it did not seem right for the young woman to leave school because of this. Later, the actress found out that another young man was experiencing the same situation and understood that it was not her who had the problem, but the teacher.

Both she and her partner, Sam, went to the management to report the situation, but far from finding support, they were taken from the office and no one believed what they said.

She ended up failing the subject and, in contrast, she passed all the others with excellent grades, so she understood that it was all an act of discrimination for being Mexican.

How did Sofía Castro become famous?

The young woman is the daughter of a famous Mexican actress

The young woman is the daughter of two very influential people and was born with a natural talent for acting and conducting, which is why she has participated in important projects in Mexico that have highlighted her in her profession.

Sofía Castro inherited the beauty Angélica Rivera, who was a sought-after Mexican actress who married former president Enrique Peña Nieto.

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