Sofía Castro will return to braces after leaving the treatment unfinished

Sofia Castro, daughter of Angelica Rivera and ‘El Güero’ Castro, said from her social networks that will return to braces treatment after leaving it unfinished due to the criticism she received from users, as the teasing made her feel insecure and therefore she decided to leave the process.

It was from a video on her social networks that the young actress wanted to put in context to her followers what she experienced before, and announced that she will resume the treatment that she left unfinished and thus, she wanted to avoid criticism when she reappears with her braces.

Previously, Sofía revealed her secret to maintaining a great body and this time, she announced that to feel and look better, she will return to dental treatment.

Sofía Castro will have braces

The actress took a photo in the dentists office She is the daughter of two Mexican celebrities

From her social networks, the Mexican presenter also pointed out that the criticisms from the audience made her feel very insecure, because also as she was smaller, she did not know how to handle hatred and everything affected her.

“I want to tell you something that the truth is causing me a lot of insecurity, because I did not know whether or not to do it or how to say it, nothing.”

It was then that he announced that he will undergo his orthodontic treatment and this will be the final one, because his purpose is to have beautiful teeth at 25 years of age, “you know, in the antrum and I with braces.”

He also explained that he will use the traditional braces and not the transparent ones, as celebrities use to disguise them, “I’m not going to wear the ceramic ones, I’m going to put the metal ones because that way the treatment ended much faster.”

How did Sofía Castro become famous?

She is the daughter of two Mexican celebrities

Being the daughter of two Mexican celebrities, she became known since she was a child and several years ago she decided to dedicate herself to the same as her parents, because her mother is a recognized actress in our country who retired to marry the former president of Mexico and her father is a producer for Televisa.

When she lived in Los Pinos, Sofía Castro spoke about EPN’s alleged violence to Rivera, her mother, and revealed that everything in the house was quiet.

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