Software as a Service for SMEs

Both hardware and software have been adapted to manage and achieve success in business administration. Here are some of the programs that will help you improve the management of your SMEs.

What are SAAS for companies?

It is known as SAAS when software as a service or web-based softwares, are applications that allow the user to connect to the internet cloud. This means that they operate without the support of a client system. in this way, all employees remotely access the infrastructure of an organization.

It is worth mentioning that these apps have more relevance than a license. It is not positional software, but user can access and use it, no matter where they are. So in addition to improve company management, the user makes the processes faster and easier.

The first generation of SaaS came out in the year 2000. However, they are inflexible and were designed to solve only one type of problem. Over time, it evolved, until it became a necessary ally for companies, above all, for SMEs.

Benefits of SaaS

There are all kinds of SaaS, from those programs to invoice, to some that help you design your company’s website. There are many advantages that you get when hiring the service of these applications, namely:

Simple login

Thanks to the excellent design of these softwares, they do not need continuous maintenance and the initial costs are low, since are not under the supervision of a license, accessing these is easier. Once installed and configured according to your preference and need, the company can use it when required.


Another benefit that you can enjoy with SaaS is that you can access them from any device. No matter the place or time, feel that you will have availability to the applications, as long as you have an internet connection. And you don’t need training to learn how to use them either. So using an online billing program is straightforward and you don’t need to have accounting skills.

Startup costs

These programs do not have high installation costs, when compared to other traditional software. Also, if the SaaS provider manages the IT infrastructure, the payments are lower, both for hardware and labor. For example, you can hire a payroll stamping system that is managed by professionals.

Quick updates

It is the same provider that is responsible for the updates of these platforms. Hence there is no need to download or install an application. Rather, the provider takes care of availability, so users don’t have to take up space on their devices for software. It also does not affect the user base of the platform.

SaaS integration

SaaS systems are made to meet customer requirements and needs. That is why most providers offer service customization. Not to mention that some have interfaces for application programming, so they integrate perfectly with previous applications.

Some SaaS that you should have for your SME

If you are starting your company, or you want to improve its management processes, there are some softwares that will help you with the process. For example, you have at your disposal, Invoice, an alternative to generate invoices quickly. This online application complies with the legal requirements of each country, so you can offer your clients a complete and secure billing system.

There are other Saas that are quite useful for your company. To create internet advertising campaigns, You have at your disposal mailchimp or mailify, SaaS that provide you with all the tools you need to attract consumers and convert them into frequent customers.

For digital signatures, you can access DocuSign or Hellosign. Other useful design apps with Canva, ZenDesk, or All of these have free systems that will help you determine if it is what you need for your business and the success of your SME. And they all have aids to learn how to use them in a short time.