Son of Alejandra Espinoza tells what he would do if he were president

In general, when a child is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, the most common answers are firefighter, policeman or doctor; however, Matteo, the son of Alexandra EspinozaHe has much bigger aspirations.

The little boy confessed that he would love to become president of the United States and shared with his famous mother what actions he would implement if his dream came true one day.

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If I were president I would make them stop cutting down the trees and use paper that does not come from them. It would also make those who kill animals that are not for food put in jail and fined fifteen hundred dollars“Says the 7-year-old boy in a recording made by the driver and shared on his social networks.

The subject of animals caused Alejandra to laugh, as she told her that she did not understand what she meant by animals that are not good for eating, although she applauded her idea that those who commit animal abuse should be punished.

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