Son of Andrés García betrays him by showing his support for Roberto Palazuelos

Days ago we let you know that between Andrés García and Roberto Palazuelos a feud has arisenthis because presumably there is a war of egos. Likewise, it was revealed that the famous businessman he threatened to “starve him” and “knock down a business”.

“Then a fight of egos begins… Roberto talks to my son very early and tells him the most horrible things: that he was going to go to hell, that he was going to be in charge of screwing him. “I’m going to see that he dies of hunger and I want you to tell him that it was me, that I fucked him up,” he declared. Margaret Portillo in an interview with First Hand.

After making him his heir, the veteran actor declared war on “The Black Diamond.” Today, the actor is recovering from a difficult health crisis.

Such a situation was not to the liking of the actor, who also did not see with good eyes that he boasted of being the universal heir to his fortune, which is why he made the decision to leave him out. However, the detail that caught our attention is that challenged him to a gunfight.

Leonardo García will not speak ill of Roberto Palazuelos

In a recent meeting with the press, Leonard Aguilar made it clear that He will not talk about the friction that exists between his father and Roberto Palazuelos, ensuring that you will never make negative comments about a person. However, he made it clear that this recent feud it will not affect your friendship or future work plans with “The Black Diamond”.

“I do not come to talk about gossip, I talk about my work, I do not evoke myself in gossip… Roberto is my brother, we were born together and we will die together, he is a very good friend of mine, I love him very much,” said Andrés García’s son , who threatened to leave the interview if reporters continued to investigate the matter.

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How old is Andres Garcia?

Today, the actor is recovering from a difficult health crisis.

Andres Garcia was born on May 24, 1941so now you have 81 years old. You may not know it, but the actor born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic began his artistic career in 1967 and today he is remembered for his outstanding participation in Mexican cinema, theater and television.

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