Son of Galilea Montijo makes a daring launch from a rock: “It came out extreme”

Son of Galilea Montijo makes a daring launch from a rock: “It came out extreme”

The television presenter Galilea Montijo shared through her social networks the exact moment in which her only son, Mateo, throws himself from the top of the most famous rock in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, which is called “La Quebrada”.

It was through her Instagram account that the so-called “Gali” said she was proud of her son’s feat, but she did not stop saying that she was about to faint when she saw his launch into the sea.

“Mateo’s first dive in La Quebrada At home is a requirement! Thanks to my diving brothers always for their love, but I don’t know whether to be more proud that he came out extreme like his dad or to faint. And thank you for taking care of the whole band of divers from La Quebrada de Acapulco ”, he wrote at the bottom of the image.

This is the first time that the television presenter shares one of the most important feats in the life of her son, who, incidentally, is a lover of the sea like his father Fernando Reina Iglesias.

After the dive, the young man and his father were encouraged to have another adventure in the sea that the Mexican politician described as: “Training with the minions.”

“I imagine Gali was getting upset with that news and yes. Yes it was extreme ”. “Woow, how brave Mateo.” “The video was missing.” “Mateo Valiente”. “When will you get out of La Quebrada, Gali?” “Gali, you sure felt that your soul was coming and going for seconds.” “Oh my God, Gali. What will power ”. “This is how we Acapulqueños are, good comrades. Greetings to all the divers in La Quebrada ”, were some comments received by the image of the little boy throwing himself into the sea.

The passion that the little one has for the sea, as Galilea Montijo pointed out, was inherited from his father Fernando Reina, who was born in the port of Acapulco, which is why most of the time they spend on the most popular beach in the Mexicans.

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