Son of Mike Tyson exploits social networks by showing off his expensive vehicles of more than $ 200,000 dollars each [Fotos]

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Amir Tyson, son of boxing legend Mike Tyson, reportedly inherited his father’s eccentric tastes by investing part of his estate in luxury cars. which he often shows through his social networks.

On several occasions Mike Tyson was seen about expensive cars, especially when he commented that he squandered his fortune of more than $400 million dollars, now Amir took the same path but with more conscious expenses.

Barely 24 years old, his performance as an actor and producer in audiovisual productions has led him to amass a fortune. which, supplemented by his father’s money, has always kept him in a high status that he exhibits through his vehicles.

One of them is the Maserati MC20, a luxurious white vehicle that has a value close to $275,000 dollars and that he often shows off on his Instagram account because it is a specimen that can reach a maximum speed of 325 mph.

Also, Amir Tyson does not skimp when it comes to spending on another level of car such as a Lamborghini. That is why he boasts of owning an Aventador, one of the fastest Italian brand that is characterized for a price of not less than half a million dollars ($518,000) in its cheapest copy.

But when it comes to formal events, Tyson knows that the class that a Bentley gives you is unmatched. For that reason acquired a Bentley Bentayga for a price close to $250,000 dollars, which he usually uses for when he goes out to a movie or television screening in which he is involved.

Other examples of the type Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz and even a private jet are part of the vehicles in which Amir Tyson travels dailyshowing that he maintains the class and luxuries that his father used to be used to.

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