Son of Osvaldo Ríos questions the production of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and defends his father

Julian, the eldest son of Osvaldo Ríos, spoke out for what could be a possible elimination of his father from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’. In turn, he also gave his point of view on what the production of this program would be, where some have even considered that they have a predetermined script for everything that is being developed.

“To all of us who support my father in this contest, not only from Puerto Rico but throughout Latin America, attention that we have to organize. As we can see, despite the fact that they have plotted in the purple room, conspiracies or whatever they want to call it, against my father already three times on behalf of Potro, Rafa, Zerboni and the most poisonous Of all those who have been orchestrating all this and I still don’t understand how she’s still there, Daniella, the production doesn’t do anything, so vote for Zerboni,” said one of the Puerto Rican singer’s eldest sons.

The son of the soap opera actor like Kassandra expressed that it does not seem prudent at all that on several occasions there is no option to have the opportunity to save a participant. In turn, he stated that on occasions he feels that there are things that do not go with the regulations.

“The lack of response from the boss or Telemundo, (or whoever is in charge) in the face of cheating or, well, rewarding them in the case of the purple room, apparently, but they cancel the benefit of saving someone, it is a double standard, turn hypocritical How ironic! Then they make this program, if it is true that there is no script, it looks like a total fuck * of pend**o, a scam. If they can eliminate the benefit of saving someone…, but they cannot penalize the purple ones for being totally serpentine and rats using code names (…) then this is a farce, “he added in a video he shared on social networks.

Before finishing, he wanted to defend his father, not only to prevent him from being one of those eliminated, but also because other contestants would have been in charge of mentioning things about Ríos that could be completely false.

“The worst of all… They are the disrespect, pestilence and disgusting things that these spoiled brats have spoken about my father, for no reason, just because of morbidity“Detailed the actor’s firstborn.

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