Son of the Tooth López became a Marseille fan because of Gignac. And PSG?

A few weeks ago we told you the exact moment when Gignac scolded the son of Tooth Lopez, who wore the University Stadium during training a jersey of the PSG, but now the roles have changed and now he wears one of the Marseilles, as a step?

In AmericanPost.News We remind you that in the last video that we share with you, Benja, the son of Nico López, is heard talking, who, when questioned by André-Pierre, replied that the idea of ​​wearing the colors of the Parisian team was his father’s.

Previously we told you that Tigres already has the replacement of the Frenchman; however, now we will tell you how the Felines 10 did to convert Benja into a fan of his former Ligue 1 team.

Gignac gives a Marseille jersey to the son of Diente López

Andre-Pierre’s tweet. Photo: Twitter @OM_Espanol

It was through his official Twitter account that André-Pierre announced that he would give Benja a shirt from his former team, he did this by tagging the accounts of said squad, and it all happened on December 29, 2021, just the day it was revealed that the little boy wore an outfit from the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

After this, the Olympique de Marseille account responded immediately:

“Where do we send it to?”

And he replied:

“In the university stadium in the name of Nicolas López, please. Thanks a lot.”

Now and after several weeks of waiting, Benja already has the jersey, you have to see how it looked!

Son of Nico López is already a fan of Marseille

It was the Olympique de Marseille Twitter account that released a video where Benja can be seen wearing the colors of André-Pierre’s former team, which was initially uploaded as a story on Nico López’s Instagram account. .

In the recording, the little boy thanks and congratulates both the French player and the French squad for his new shirt, which apparently fit him perfectly.

If you want to know more about this topic, you have to read Gignac furious at a PSG shirt.

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