Song Destiny by Carlos Rivera

The song “Fate” by Carlos Riverais a duet musical theme that he performed in 2019 together with the famous singer Natalie Jimenez, accompanied mariachi and wearing elegant outfits.

Almost 3 years after its launch on YouTube, its video clip already has more than 90 million views and as? If his fans love this song so much. Some of the comments from his followers are:

This is magic, this is art…… Something precious!!!! Goosebumps!!! From Spain enjoying and loving America, its people and its music…

With all due respect to other genres, but this is true Mexican music, no corridos, blood and corruption! Long live Mexico and its traditions, LONG LIVE MEXICO…!

An exceptional duo, beautiful voices, great admiration!!! Greetings and hugs from Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina.

Lyrics of the song El Destino by Carlos Rivera

Lyrics of the song El Destino by Carlos Rivera Who is the author of Carlos Rivera’s songs?

You love Me?

I love you

For you I feel affection

Since we were children, I

I love you and I love you too

And do you love me?

I love you

Although we rarely see each other

Since we’ve known each other, I

I love you and I miss you too

It is so beautiful to know that another being thinks of you and at the end of this century

You and I are someone who have and feel sincere affection

That’s why you and I always live like this, we’ll be happy

You count on me, I count on you

At any time and in any terrain

You love Me?

I love you

because you are good to me

I put love as a witness

I love you and I love you too

And do you love me?

Yes I love you

I confirm the same daily

I’m at your same pace

I am your friend and also your brother

This affection was born the day that God crossed the paths

And put your eyes, your hands, your song and your verse in me, but

It was worth being born for the fact of being you and me more than friends

Things of life, things of luck, of those beautiful things

What does destiny have

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Duets by Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera has collaborated as a duet with different personalities such as:

  • Laura Pausini.
  • GianMarco.
  • Naomi pug.
  • Yuridia.
  • Natalie Jimenez.
  • Frank de vita.
  • Indian Martinez.
  • Paul Gonza.
  • Melissa Oaks.
  • Precious Paul.
  • Leo Dan.
  • Abel Pintos.
  • Tommy Torres.
  • Vanessa Martin.
  • Maluma.
  • Jose Luis Perales
  • Robert Carlos.
  • Raphael.
  • Jose jose.
  • Armand Manzanero.
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez.
  • Gloria Estefan.
  • Rocio durcal.
  • Omara Portuondo.
  • Luis Eduardo Aute.
  • Camilo Sesto.
  • John Gabriel.
  • Carlos Vives.
  • Miguel Bose.
  • Lolita Cortes.

Who is the author of Carlos Rivera’s songs?

Who is the author of Carlos Rivera’s songs?

AmericanPost.News informs you that Carlos Rivera’s musical repertoire is made up of his own songs and musical themes by other composers, such as his record album “Legends” in which he sang alongside other great musicians with a career.

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