Sonora Grill “gives a cat for a hare”, this is how a consumer unmasks it on TikTok

The Sonora Grill are famous restaurants in Mexico for their sale of high quality meat cuts, although apparently not all their branches have the same prestige. A consumer reported on TikTok that he caught one of these “fake meat”. Here are the details!

The video of the complaint was published on December 11, 2021 and already has more than one million views.

Previously, the CDMX government closed one of these restaurants. However, now we will tell you how another of these was exposed by deceiving clients.

Is fake meat sold at Sonora Grill?

Cut of meat. Photo: TikTok sadaeduardo

User Eduardo Sada on TikTok published a video showing how an employee of a Cancun branch is cutting what appears to be a Rib Eye cut of meat, while he says that this is not a real cut, since, he commented that he knows meat and that was not a Rib Eye at all.

Given this, he decided to complain to the restaurant, and told them that his cut of meat was a hoax, hence they sent him a chef, who excused himself only saying:

“That is how we they give it to us.”

By his response, the user determined that there was nothing more to talk about, and that, after this shameful event, the waiter only laughed at the pain caused by the situation.

After the uncomfortable moment, he decided to upload the video on this social network, where he received several comments and many reproductions.

TikTok user boasts true Rib Eye cut

Cut of meat. Photo: TikTok sadaeduardo

After his video has become popular, Eduardo Sada decided to show what a real Rib Eye cut of meat is like, since another Internet user had requested it. Therefore, he uploaded another video where you can see how he prepares one at home, and of course, it looks completely different from the one at the branch restaurant in Cancun.

Following this, he commented:

“I did not find the one they sell themselves, but I got an idea. I have eaten it at Sonora Grill Palmas. “

This reminds us of when diners were robbed from the ‘Sonora Grill’ in Del Valle.