Sony launches a “baby carrier” to transport Aibo robot dogs

Sony has presented an accessory very similar in appearance to a baby carrier, but designed especially for owners of aibo robot dogs they can transport their pets and interact with them comfortably.

“A carrying strap that pays close attention to detail so you can securely and comfortably hold your precious Aibo,” Japanese company Lucky Industries wrote on its Instagram account.

According to information from RT en Español, this company specializes in the production of baby carriers, ensuring that they offer “a new lifestyle” to all users of robotic pets.

What are Sony’s “baby carriers” like?

Sony launches a “baby carrier” to transport Aibo robot dogs

The design is inspired by the style of a backpack with adjustable straps to give users the freedom to change the size of the backpack. It also has thick cushions in the shoulder area to reduce weight.

“It’s a carrying strap full of emotions and crafted with care, so you can comfortably spend more time with your favorite Aibo,” added Lucky Industries about its new release.

According to reports from the company itself, the product will be sold in Sony stores in limited quantities and is now available for online pre-order at a price of $84.

Sony revamped Walkman models

Sony launches a “baby carrier” to transport Aibo robot dogs

It should be remembered that Sony has also just renewed the Walkman models with two new audio players that carry Android integrated, which focus on offering users the best possible audio experience.

These are the Sony Walkman NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2, which have internal storage of 256 and 128 GB, respectively, with microSD card support so you can expand your library.

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