Sony presented InZone, its new line of gaming monitors and headphones

Sony’s new line of gaming products will be available this summer

Photo: PHILIP FONG/AFP/Getty Images

Sony officially introduced InZone, a new line of products aimed at the gaming segment that will include monitors and headphones specially designed to offer better performance when playing video games.

The launch of InZone represents a commitment by Sony to expand into new markets linked to the gaming sector that go beyond its popular console, the PS5.

“With Sony’s strong history in high-end audio and visual technology products, we believe this new line will offer even more options for those looking to upgrade their current gaming systems”, stated Yukihiro Kitajima, head of gaming business at Sony.

As part of the launch, Sony introduced two new monitors, the first being the M9 which has a 27-inch screen with 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz all this for a price of $900 which places it above the market price. The second model, called the M3, offers a higher refresh rate on the screen in exchange for a lower resolution, which is reflected in its price of $530 per unit..

According to information provided by Sony, the InZone M9 will be available from this summerwhile in the case of the M3 its arrival on the market will be delayed until winter.


When it comes to headphones, Sony indicated that it plans launch 3 different models whose prices and characteristics will be different. These will be named InZone H9 ($300), InZone H7 ($230), and InZone H3 ($100)..

Although the company has not yet reported the date they will be available, these can already be set aside through the official Sony website.

In the case of the InZone H9, users will be able to enjoy noise cancellation as well as ambient soundwhile the H7, although it lacks noise cancellation, offers a larger battery, which guarantees an autonomy of about 40 hours as opposed to the 32 offered by the H9.

For its part, the cheapest version, the InZone H3, it is a headset that, unlike the rest, must be connected via a 3.5mm cable, so it will not have an integrated battery.

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