“Soraya Montenegro” returns: Itatí Cantoral premieres the look of her iconic character

This was the recreation of the actress (Photos: Instagram/@itatic_oficial/@itatimoments)

Itatí Cantoral has not stopped being a trend in social networks since the announcement of the remake of Rich people cry too and his new acting projects. Now the actress premiered a new image inspired by her most remembered and acclaimed character, despite her having already played him for more than two decades: Soraya Montenegro. Through your official account Instagram made public the result that has been the most talked about on the internet.

The first glimpse was shared by the celebrity makeup & hair artist Victor Guadarramawho was in charge of helping the soap opera villain to bring the “damn cripple” back to life, who has been one of the main protagonists of thousands of memes and viral videos on platforms such as TikTok: “Soraya Montenegro 2022, @itatic_oficial how to forget this character #villanas #marialadelbarrio ever since I met Itatí I wanted to do this makeup”, wrote the also youtuber.

Víctor Guadarrama was in charge of the look (Photo: Instagram/@vicoguadarrama)
Víctor Guadarrama was in charge of the look (Photo: Instagram/@vicoguadarrama)

For her part, the protagonist of melodramas such as The Mexican and the Güero, Till Money Do Us Part or Conceived without sin He wrote in two publications the phrases “Remembering” accompanied by the television emoji plus “Soraya” with another heart. In just a couple of hours, both photos have received thousands of likes and comments in which fans argued that he is “better than ever” and that he is “his character” despite having two other performers-Fabiola Guajardo in 2022 and Rocio Banquells in 1979-.

“Itatí Cantoral being Soraya Montenegro again it is something long awaited by us telenovela lovers”, “Soraya is back and no one can deny that it is still the best”, “I did not expect these photos but without a doubt it is what we all needed, but we did not know it was necessary”, “The best of Maria from the neighborhood is Itatí and these photos prove it”, “Itatí the most, being iconic in The Most Dredger, Maria from the neighborhood or in your account Instagram”, “Soraya in 2022 it is a thousand times better than in its original year”, they wrote in their comment box.

The actress is a trend in social networks (Photo: Instagram/@vicoguadarrama)
The actress is a trend in social networks (Photo: Instagram/@vicoguadarrama)

In recent days, the actress was also a trend in social networks since the actress announced her stardom in a movie of Disney. With great joy, he shared the premiere date of the production of also pixarwhich will be on March 11 and will be available on the world’s most popular mouse digital platform.

“Hello Pixar fans, I am Itatí Cantoral and I am happy to be able to share great news with you: I will be participating in the next Pixar film, Netgiving my voice to ming lee and it is a dream for me to be able to participate in a project as huge as a panda. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Disney and Pixar story Red as much as I do, which premieres exclusively on March 11 only on Disney +, “said the actress.

Fans recreated their best photos (Photos: Instagram/@itatimoments)
Fans recreated their best photos (Photos: Instagram/@itatimoments)

After the announcement of what will be one of the most important projects of the Mexican, in a different facet from what her fans are used to seeing from her, her more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram They did not hesitate to send him their congratulations and best wishes, because despite the fact that the character is not the protagonist, he will have a very important role in the plot.

Itatí Cantoral’s surprises with its public do not end. She announced that she will publicly meet with Thalia in Mexico after the success they achieved together with their leading roles: “Thalía is going to be my godmother for the unveiling of Alone in the dark”, confirmed Cantoral in his meeting with the media.


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